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CBC Blames Bosses For Poor Attendance 

By Jeff Ngawe Yufenyu

The Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, has blamed some heads her institutions in Bamenda for the poor attendance of their workers during church meetings.

The blame was apportioned at a conference of the Cameroon Baptist Men’s Fellowship CBMF, that held on September 19 in Njenka – Bali, Mezam Division, during the Mankon Association Council of Churches, MACC, Bible Conference. In an attempt to diagnose reasons for the poor attendance of Baptist men at the conference, participants blamed bosses of some CBC institutions for refusing to permit workers to attend the conference.

According to the men who were present at the CBMF conference, those institutions were existing because of the church. "All the institutions were created by the church, so the workers of the institutions should be duly permitted to attend church meetings," the participants insisted. 

The CBMF conference participants agreed that if workers of government institutions and other private places should be granted permission to attend, then it was incumbent on the hierarchy of church institutions to permit their workers to attend in their numbers. Commenting on the issue of permission to attend church meetings, Evangelist of MACC, Rev. Richard Ndakeh said it was a general problem involving government, as well as church and private institutions workers.

According to the Evangelist, workers should not assume that because they work for church institutions, they can just walk up to their bosses and expect to be granted permission at short notice. "It has to do with prior notification in order to obtain permission," Rev. Ndakeh said.
On the sideline of the MACC Bible conference, a Form II student of GBHS Bali, Noela Foncham, was delivered of evil spirits.

In an interview with The Post after her deliverance, Foncham said she was initiated while in Form I student in Kribi by a friend whose names she gave as Cynthia. Foncham said Cynthia took her to the seashore, gave her a ring, held her hand and together they swam into the sea and arrived at a big house.  She said she was given food and drinks. While in Bali, Foncham said Cynthia usually visited her spiritually, asking her to return to Kribi. Meanwhile, the theme for the MACC Bible Conference was "Missions, the Unfinished Task of the Church."

The speaker, Rev. David Ambola said the CBC as a church had drifted away from its original role of evangelizing and instead involved itself in crisis solving. He mentioned the Belo Field crisis, Ndu Field crisis, Yaounde Field crisis and the Coastal memorandum.Rev. Ambola urged the church to return to its original role of evangelism or simply close down.

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