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CBC General Secretary, President Inducted 

By Chris Mbunwe

CameroonPostline.com — The General Secretary and the President of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, Reverend Dr. Godwill and Joe Chebokeng Kalabubse were, September 9, commissioned. Speaking at the solemn ceremony, at the CBC headquarters in Nkwen, Northwest Governor, Aldophe Lele L’Afrique, called on the new team to lead the CBC to work towards reconciliation.

He said this is possible, because, those taking over the helm of the Church are committed and God-fearing people. Commissioning the General Secretary, Rev. Ncham, the President, Joe Chebokeng and his Vice, Mme Becky Luma, the Director of Evangelism and Mission in the CBC, Rev. Felix Fimba, urged them to uphold the constitution of the CBC, the Bible and live by the Word.

“Work in faith and practice, be strong and courageous. You are going to meeting people of different characters and temperaments. Some will tell you they are praying for you when they are actually doing the opposite. Be prepared to move along with them” Rev Fimba implored, while calling on the congregation to lend their total support to the new team because the task ahead is enormous. 

While handing the constitution and the Bible to the new General Secretary, to the President and Vice, the Director of Evangelism and Missions said, “Here are the two most important tools you have to use, even if it means dying for these two, please do.  Jealously guide and protect the Bible and the constitution.” In a moving sermon titled “Message”, Rev. Dr. Paul Mokake, praised those who were taking over office and urged the entire Church to support and not pull them down.

The new General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Ncham, in his policy speech, stated that “the mission of the CBC is that it exists as a living fellowship of the churches growing in grace, strengthening one another in faith and working together in obedience to the great commandment and the great commission of Jesus Christ through worship, preaching, teaching, evangelism, healing and social ministries.” He said in the next four years, the new team will ensure they focus on clarification of the gospel message and renewal. 

“In a world where economic dictates and tradition have occasioned the so-called prosperity Gospel and Salvation by works (with many of our Christians vulnerable), we need to ensure that the Gospel message is clearly stipulated and taught in all churches, by helping pastors and ministers through ongoing seminars and training to rightly divide the word resulting in personal spiritual nourishment of the believers, Ncham enthused.

On unity and reconciliation, Rev. Ncham said his prayer is that the CBC becomes a Church that models a biblical community, a safe place where “we accept one another and are accepted, love and are loved, forgive and are forgiven and are served.” Reiterating the need for reconciliation, Ncham prayed “… that God will give us open hearts so that time and energy will not be spent on counting sins, but that the love of Christ will guard our hearts to seek true reconciliation, the CBC is one and indivisible, one Lord, one faith, one Baptist.” 

The fourth challenge for the new team has to do with the CBC constitution. In this regard, he said, for many decades, the CBC has written and re-written its constitution. The General Sessions which constitute the single forum for fellowship for thousands of believers has been “transformed to an angry parliament for this fight over a constitution which changes almost every four years.”

This, the new General Secretary warned, “must stop and give way to a General Session where our Christians truly fellowship and return home feeling blesses. The General Secretary dwelled on the partnership the CBC enjoys with foreign partners at home and abroad with other religious bodies saying it will be intensified. Presenting a huge undisclosed package, gifts and valuable material, the Kom community equally handed some strongly worded counseling to the new General Secretary. 

“The entire Kom community in Bamenda stands by you, at this gracious moment, as you take command to serve and bring glory to God as the new General Secretary of the CBC. The Lord, the holy God of Israel is your God. You are precious to Him because He loves you and gives you honour.  Do not be Afraid. God is with you.  The message was signed by Choves Loh, Rev. Fr. Joseph Ateh and Lawrence Nkain Yong.

The President of the CBC, Joe Chebonkeng, presented the vision of the CBC which has to focus on education, especially at the primary level, to ensure the teachers and pupils are well taken care of for the results to be as excellent as those of secondary education and the extension of evangelism to Bakassi, Northern regions of Cameroon and the Baka pigmy community of the East Region.

One of he special guests of honour,  Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, who is the National President of the Christian Men Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, qualified the sermon by Rev. Mokake as incisive, which warned against “wolves” that have invaded the church.

“The new General Secretary has presented a great blue print which will take this church further. I was highly impressed by the coordinator in the name of Mr. Tetevi Bodylawson, Governor Lele’s speech, on reconciliation,” Ntumfor stated. He said the Prime Minister, represented by his wife, and the calibre of people who attended the occasion, sent a message to the world that the CBC is well organised and has very knowledgeable pastors.

Happiness was expressed by all CBC Christians with the presence of the Belo breakaway faction and its leaders. They were all introduced and hailed.  They were; Rev. Elija Tam, Samuel Fontama and Rev. Isai Mundama, among others. “I want to think today is a day of reconciliation and I am so happy” remarked Judy Ngwe, Northwest Regional Delegate of Women Empowerment.

First published in The Post print edition no 01374

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