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CDVTA To Extend Activities To South, East Regions 

By Chunya Manka’a and Melanie kengni*

Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance, CDVTA, an NGO, on August 18,  met at the Bamenda Ayaba  Hotel conference hall to evaluate it’s achievements for the past five years, 2009-2014, under the theme “Evaluation of Media and Publicity Campaign of the Project Realisation Rights and Improving Livelihood.”

This organisation encourages elderly people in several communities training them in organic farming and bee-keeping sponsored by the British Government under the auspices of the Department For International Development, DFID, and the Methodist Relief and Development Fund, MRDF, which was recently rename as “All We Can”. It equally gives assistance in form of blankets and bush lamps to the elderly .They are present in some divisions of the Northwest Region namely Momo, Boyo, Bui, and Ngoketungia. This project is due to end on August 31, 2014.

The programme Manager of CDVTA, Wilfred Mundama Adjuo gave a run down of the project’s objectives being; Social inclusion, Rights of the old, Welfare of the old, and Livelihood. He says, with these objectives, they have been able to form about 167 elderly social clubs in local areas with an aim of solidarity to all by sharing creative ideas and love.

He also added that must of the work done of the organisation, is done by volunteers given that they have a sum total of 280 volunteers and 11 staffs. The Director of CDVTA, Francis Njuakom, thanked the various news organs that collaborated in publishing or broadcasting CDVTA activities for their untiring contribution during these five years and half.

He also said, they are not only evaluating achievements but also challenges like in case of funding and finances as the elderly are still trapped in the center of poverty despite all efforts of CDVTA. He also regrets the fact that, the rights of the elderly have not been completely enshrined in the constitution nor presented in parliament, despite president Biya’s endeavour to do that.

During a question and answer session, it was suggested that CDVTA, should supply solar lamps to elderly people because bush-lams can lure them to sleep and the house could go into flames .He rejected the issue introducing the construction of old people homes which is a Western concepts. “If we encourage such a thing it will be too bad because you will only come to realize that two or more of these parents died at night”.       

The Director of CDVDA announced that the next project will take the organisation to the remotest parts of the south, and the East Regions especially in the lands of the Pigmies and the Bakas “because we have come to realise that the further we go , the closer we are with the elderly”.

Njuakom, added that areas such as Ako, Mesaje Subdivisions in the Northwest that have not yet benefitted from CDVTA projects will smile this time around. In project realisation, the organisation is embarking on a project which is establishing in 22 new local communities and construction of schools for the grand children of the elderly.

*(CCUB Journalism Students on internship)


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