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CEFDHAC Cautions On Ecosystem Preservation 

By Edith Wirdze

The Conference on Dense and Humid Forest Ecosystems of Central Africa, CEFDHAC, has appealed on governments and development partners to reinforce capacity necessary for the preservation of forestry ecosystems in the Congo Basin in Central Africa. The appeal was made by the President of CEFDHAC, Louis-Roger Essola Etoa, in a press briefing recently in Yaounde.

He said to preserve the ecosystems; CEFDHAC needs financial autonomy. He highlighted on CEFDHAC’s plan of action which includes the elaboration of business reports, mobilisation of other financial partners towards supporting the project and putting in place the autonomy of CEFDHAC’s financing mechanism. He said, also, that, the organisation of foras and networks for the redynamisation of active debates would be priority.

These debates, he continued, would provide the opportunity for the implementation of proper recommendations and actions. Essola Etoa highlighted the importance of putting in place the 2009-2011 convergent plan. To him, governments’ problem lies in getting sustainable management of natural resources, climate change and alternative energy. As a consequence, organising consultation talks and other platforms to brainstorm excellent ideas is vital towards getting a good strategy.

CEFDHAC across its committees and through the favour of its member states intends to put in place an effective independent financial mechanism without forgetting the contributions of development partners. The goal is to enhance favourable interventions in forestry ecosystems in Central Africa for the benefit of the population. He appreciated the efforts of development partners such as the German Cooperation, GTZ, towards the preservation of ecosystems. CEFDHAC was created in 1996 by the Brazzaville Conference at the initiative of different actors of the sub region and development partners.

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