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CEMAC Police Boss Urged To Crush Trans-national Crime 

By Yerima Kini Nsom
The Permanent Secretary of the Police Chiefs Committee for Central Africa, CCPAC, Police Colonel Michel Koua, has been called upon to crush terrorism and other trans-border crimes in order to secure the free movement of persons and goods in the sub region.

The call came from the Commissioner of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community, CEMAC, Jones Shey Yembe, as he installed the official into his functions in Yaounde last weekend. Colonel Michel Koua, who hails from Congo Brazzaville, was appointed last February 19 after the CEMAC meeting in N’djamena, Chad.

Col. Michel Koua who was born in 1958, is expected to give a new lease of life to the permanent secretariat of the Central African Police Chiefs that was created in 1997. It was in tandem with this responsibility that the CEMAC Commissioner in charge of Infrastructure and Sustainable Development, Jones Shey Yembe, urged him to stamp out trans-border criminality in the sub region. Yembe said the police boss was shouldering responsibilities of great magnitude, because, he was taking office at a time that the international community is faced with terrorism and other transnational crimes.

Hear him: “There are transnational organised crimes across national borders involving groups and networks of individuals working in more than one country to plan and execute illegal business ventures. In order to achieve these goals, these criminal groups utilise systematic violence and corruption. The most commonly seen transnational organised crimes are: money laundering, human smuggling, cyber-crime, traffic of humans, drugs, weapons, endangered species, body parts or nuclear material”

The CEMAC Commissioner said transnational organised crime is widely opposed on the basis of its negative effects on countries. To him, crimes can undermine democracy, disrupt free markets, drain national assets and inhibit the development of stable societies. Above all, he said, national and international criminal groups threaten the security of a nation.

He said it is incumbent on organisations to share information in the most timely and effective manner possible, in order to successfully fight terrorism and other transnational crimes. Yembe lauded the international police organisation widely known as INTERPOL for providing the tools and service necessary to facilitate exchanges on tracking down in crime. Its main role, he went on, is to ensure effective inter play among member states and to ensure that offenders are brought to book irrespective of their hiding places. Apart from working with the law enforcement agencies of each member state, he emphasised, INTERPOL is also working with various intergovernmental bodies of the world to have inclusive programming in their fight against terrorism and organised crime. These challenges, he pointed out, can be curtailed if all the member states work hand in hand with INTERPOL in the area of information sharing on suspected persons and groups.

Turning back to the newly appointed official, Yembe said the CEMAC authorities have given him the privilege and responsibility of working with the entire police organisations of the Central African sub region. Hear him: “You are here today to draw up the strengths and aspirations of the police organisations of Central Africa and to crystallise their energy and ambitions into a vision and a future that permits the free movement of people and goods while at the same time ensuring security from terrorism and transnational crimes. For you to succeed in doing this task, you must learn the value of team-building and partnerships, of thoughtfulness and understanding, the importance of hard work, imagination, and respect for others. Qualities such as these should guide your efforts at CCPAC because “the key to successful leadership today is influence not authority.”

The CEMAC Commissioner remarked that the context within which Michel Koua was appointed compels him to deliver the goods at all cost, given that the sub region is fighting to get out of economic recession. He urged him to mainstream all aspects of good governance in the management of his office, especially the budget. He advised him to work with INTERPOL to ensure the security of member countries.

The Permanent Secretary of CCPAC is a high profile police officer with a rich academic and professional career that dates back to 1987 in his country, Congo Brazzaville. He is married and is a father of four children.

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