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Charlotte Mbango Is Dead 

By Elvis Tah

Ace Cameroonian makossa singer, Charlotte Odette Mbango Same, is dead. She died in the early hours of Tuesday, June 2, after a protracted illness.Charlotte Mbango died in the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHUY) de Kremlin-Bicentre, Paris, France, at the age of 49. She was transferred from a hospital in Northern Ireland where she lived for more than 10 years, following her deteriorating health situation.

Late Charlotte Mbango

The makossa megastar had been ailing for the past years and was gradually convalescing before the cold hands of death snatched. Before her death, Mbango’s friends lastly saw her on March 8 in Belgium, actively participating in the International Women’s Day Celebration.The news of her departure sent shock waves to her fans across the globe.

Charlotte Mbango’s Musical Career

Charlotte Mbango was born in an artistic family. Her grandfather was late venerated makossa artist, Eboa Lotin.

She started her musical career at the age of 9, when she joined a church choir as a soprano singer.She became lead singer in her college choir at 13 and later formed a gospel group known as "Gospel and Negro Spirituals Band".She led her band to several school musical performances before leaving for studies in Europe in 1979.

Mbango blazed the solo musical trail in 1987 with the release of her debut album, "Nostalgie."
The dazzling album paved the way for the next album, "Charlotte Mbango Vol. 3." in 1988.
Mbango will continue in the same vitality as she released "Konkai Makossa" in 1991, followed by "Massoma" in 1996. She made a double release of Christian music with "Combines Religieuses" and "Sans papiers", which was a joint compilation, in 1998. Charlotte Mbango started the new millennium wonderfully with the release of "Mon Combat", in 2002, followed by another makossa album, Essuw’am in 2003.

She was fast becoming a parvenu in the Parisian music pageant as she sang backing vocals for numerous Afro-Antilles artists. The makossa superstar had several awards; Honorary TAMANI in Bamako, Mali, during the 2003 golden TAMANI ceremony. Most prominent amongst her awards was a Golden Record award, which was handed to her by the celebrity, Paco Rabanne.

Her musical gift propelled her to collaborate with established names in the likes of Manu Dibango, Emile Kangue, late Tom Yoms and Paul Simon among others. In between records, Charlotte Mbango spent her time globe trotting in order to meet and satisfy her fans.From Cameroon to the French Antilles and other countries, Charlotte Mbango was good at reaching the public and spread her message of love and goodwill.

She bounced back on the musical scene in 2005 with what she does best: canticles; soul searching genres of music as well as choral singing after, recuperating from a malaise.
Our gifted singer, after roaming the world with her pilgrim’s stick, providing pleasure and entertainment, will be travelling this time around to the world beyond, where she seeks eternal rest, but her records live on. She leaves behind a daughter, a grand daughter, relatives and millions of fans to mourn her.

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