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Chief Transforms Bomaka-Buea Into Green Village 

By Bouddih Adams — Chief Jonathan Kombe Masua of Bomaka, Buea, has embarked on a project to transform the locality into a Green Village.

The project was launched on October 13 when the representatives of all the seven quarters that make up Bomaka turnout to plant some 250 plantlets of an ornamental and shade tree known as Erythrina SP. The exercise was supervised by a forestry technician, Samuel Evelle Kale, of the Limbe Botanical Gardens and the National Forestry Development Agency.

Stating the essence behind the exercise, HRH Kombe Masua narrated: “When we were children, we used to get up in the morning and find dews on grass. But today, they are not there. Now, the rains have not even gone and the little time that the sun comes out, places are too hot. Places have become too hot nowadays. So, I thought it wise to come out with my community so that we can start planting trees; so that this global warming that the President of the Republic has been talking about, we should start fighting it as at now.”

Chief Kombe said they deliberated in their traditional and village council meetings and went to the Botanic Gardens to solicit even for timber trees that they can plant. “This is just the beginning and I think that in the future, we will want to do better than what we started today,” he stated. He said the trees were nursed by the village after they moved round with a friend, Evelle who made an estimate of the trees to be planted. “I want Bomaka to be called ‘Green Village’” the Chief stated.

Asked why the planting was going on now when it is known that the tree-planting season had long passed in August, Evelle said the Buea area has two planting seasons; one that begins in June to July and the second that begins from August through September to October. “The water table is still high in October hence suitable for planting. However, this is the last phase of the planting season and after this, all you need is take care of the plant,” Evelle advised.

He said the streets in Bomaka hadn’t shade trees under which people cool down when the day is so hot. “People have been suffering in terms of radiation from the sun,” Evelle observed. He said the project would also contribute to the fight against global warming and climate change. The village of Bomaka with about 7.000 inhabitants lies between the Mile 17 Motor  Park and Mile 16 Bolifamba on the one hand and Muea on the other.

It is the only well planned neighbourhood in the Buea Municipality with streets running through all its seven quarters. The Chief disclosed that with the population increasing and new layouts growing, he intends create Quarter Eight besides the other seven Quarters that already exist.

First published in The Post print edition no 01383

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