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Christian Completes Construction Of Mosque 

By Elvis Tah

The proprietor of Fako Transport and Shipping Company Limited, a Christian of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon, Dr. Charles Namme Menyoli, has funded and supervised the construction of the Buea Central Mosque. The mosque was inaugurated, Friday April 30, during a dual ceremony to lay the foundation stone of the Franco-Anglo-Arabic Nursery and Primary School in Buea, by Basic Education Minister, Youssouf Hadidja Alim.

New Buea Mosque

The President of the Buea Islamic Complex Project, Mbuldi Musa, said the project was first initiated in 2002 by the World Islamic Relief Trust Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with FCFA 16 million. Musa said after the contractor managed to put up the first skeletal structure of the mosque, the project was abandoned.

"Dr. Menyoli opted to complete the mosque in June 2006, when he visited it for the Ramadan feast. After initiating a fundraising for the mosque, he contributed FCFA 7 million," Musa said.
He paid tribute to the former Regional Delegate of National Security, Yeruma Hayatu Dahiru, who provided money for the replacement of a carpet that was stolen from the mosque. A delighted Dr. Menyoli said: "I have built about 12 churches in the Southwest Region so this is the turn of the mosque."

He pledged to supervise the construction of the Arabic school. For her part, Minister Hadidja said government’s concern for the education of the youth is in tandem with the aspirations of the Millennium Development Goals. She said the challenges faced by the government in the educational sector are enormous, reason why the government has to partner with stakeholders in order to attain its goals. She thanked the delegations from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Chad as well as the entire Islamic community in Cameroon for their cooperation.

The Imam of Buea, Alhadji Aboubakar Mohammad, said: "The mosque has relived us so much because the old mosque didn’t befit this region and the Southwest needed a regional mosque of its status. The mosque is small but it will accommodate the number of Moslems in Buea."
On the Islamic school, he said it has always been the dream of Buea Muslims to have a school where Arabic is being taught.

"We give priority to Islamic complex, schools and the health sector. The school, which is estimated at about FCFA 48 million, with a capacity of 500 pupils, will contribute enormously to the educational family especially the Arabic sector," the Imam said. He added that the school is meant for the entire population and not only for Moslem children. He said all the subjects in the syllabus will be taught alongside Arabic, which will be an added advantage because it is highly recommended in Arabic nations.

"We are privileged to have ASTI at the University of Buea where Arabic is taught but we have realised that most of the students in ASTI, who are studying Arabic, come from Chad and other neighbouring countries. This will give our children the opportunity to have an Arabic foundation so that when they eventually get to ASTI, they will not face difficulties," said the Imam.

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