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Christians Exhorted To Defend Their Faith 

By Walter Wilson Nana, Lerah Leke Fonge, *Solange Tangim & *Remi-Jane Agbor

CameroonPostline.com — The Bishops of Cameroon in a communiqué after celebrations of the Year of Faith in Cameroon that took place in Buea Diocese, October 3 – 5 have called on Christians to defend their faith.

Cardinal Tumi (with scrucia) processing into the ceremonial grounds of the year of faith celebrations in Small Soppo, Buea

A portion of the communiqué reads; “The year of faith has enabled and continues to enable every Christian to keep and develop an intimate relationship with Christ. This celebration of the year of faith must lead to a renewed appreciation of the dimension of the challenges of today.”

The Bishops decried new cultures, ideologies, gender theory, homosexuality, paedophilia, incest, and influences from the media contrary doctrines to sound religious and ethical values as some of the impediments to truly living the faith. “This permissive culture, avatars of relativism, secularism and materialism reaches all the strata but often the youth and the people who are unemployed, ignorant and poor,” reads the message in part.

To better live the faith, the Bishops prescribed amongst others; “a renewed emphasis on catechesis, formation of lively ecclesial communities, constant support to those in distress and misery, profundity in theological formation of the laity and priests, welcoming and committing yourself to the Gospel, believe in Christ, avoiding sects, defending and building the church and spreading the faith you have received”.

Earlier in his sermon during the concelebrated high mass, Cardinal Emeritus Christian Whiyghan Tumi told Catholic Christians gathered at the Regina Pacis Cathedral in Small Soppo, Buea, to thank God for the graces given to them during the celebrations of the Year of Faith decreed by Pope Benedict XVI, which started on October 11, 2012, and will end on November 24, 2013, with the feast of Christ the King. The Cardinal told the Christians not only to have faith, but to live it, profess it and celebrate it according to the demands because even the devil can profess the faith.

“We cannot doubt what God has made for us through His Church. We have to respond to our God with obedience of faith, the acceptance of truth and Jesus Christ, who is the truth himself,” said Tumi. He added that “faith is necessary for salvation, faith is certain because it is founded on the word of God, faith is founded on charity and it is a human act given by God.”

Inspired by Pope Benedict XVI, who decreed the Year of Faith, host Bishop, Mgr. Immanuel Bushu, said Christians have to come back to God. “With God, we are everything, without God, we are nothing,” he said. He said faith is not a reward but God’s love, gift and grace, adding that a call to faith is a call to share. According to Mgr. Bushu, God has asked us to live in a new way, noting that in faith we are a new life and worshipping God with a new twist.

*(UB Journalism Students On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01470


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