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Christians Oppose Toilet Fee 

By Francis Tim Mbom

The announcement that Christians would have to pay FCFA 50 to use a public toilet constructed in the Catholic Church yard in New Town, Limbe, sent the entire assembly of Christians Sunday, September 13 into an uproar that dragged for over 10 minutes.

It took quite a while and the enormous application of patience by Rev. Father Christopher Dia to appease the Christians during the first mass. The mass had gone on well until the Sunday announcer said, among other things, that Christians would have to part with FCFA 50 each time they want to use the new toilet.
"No! No!" some said in muffled voices.

From the few other muted voices around, others were of the opinion that the Church need not tax Christians when the toilet was built with funds contributed generally by them. While others were of the opinion that the FCFA 50 was too much, others did not just want any charge at all for the use of the toilet. But the wisdom of the Church in levying a fee, The Post learnt, was for the purpose of keeping the toilet clean at all times.

After vain attempts by the announcer to quell the anger as some of the Christians were already leaving the church, Rev Dia cut in and pleaded for understanding. He said he was thankful that the Christians were able to make their grievance known against the FCFA 50 fee. He pleaded that they should give a chance for the service to continue and that the matter would be discussed at a later date.

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