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Christians Told To Shun Alcoholism, Sexual Immorality 

By Jeff Ngawe Yufenyu

The General Secretary of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, CBC, Rev. Donald Ndichafah, has told Christians to shun alcoholism, sexual immorality and other vices. The GS was speaking at CBC Church Musang on his maiden visit to Bethel Field on May 30. Rev. Ndichafah told Bethel Field Christians to shun alcoholism and sexual immorality and other vices like greed, idolatry, embezzlement etc.

Meanwhile, the CBC GS had on May 29 paid a courtesy visit to the palaces of Bafut and Mankon. Addressing Fon Angwafor III, Rev. Ndichafah regretted the relationship between CBC and Mankon palace may not be as deep as it ought to be. ‘We may not be understood as much as we ought to be, that is why we make this pastoral visit to your palace," the man of God said. He urged the fon of Mankon to "see us as people who stand for the truth and want to practice the truth in all we do."

Fon Angwafor, on his part, said he belonged to all the churches operating in Mankon fondon.
Meantime, the Field Pastor of Bethel Field, Rev. Samuel Taku, the Coordinator of the visits, said his priority for Bethel was to organize seminars on leadership for Christians.  Rev. Taku urged Christians of Bethel Field to be steadfast and put their trust in God. Bethel Field as an administrative unit of the CBC covers Bafut, Mankon, Meta, Moghamo and Ngie.

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