Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Christians Unite To Fight Societal Ills 

By Chris Mbunwe

Three mainstream churches in Cameron – Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist – have vowed to salvage the church, the government and the society at large of social ills like corruption, electoral fraud, embezzlement and more.

The initiator of this idea, Barrister Nico Halle, expressed gratitude for the hierarchy of the churches for allowing their leaders to attend the maiden meeting convened at short notice on Sunday, October 17 at the premises of the Presbyterian Church Centre Ntamulung Bamenda,
"We are gathered here in our numbers to synergise on how to combat these societal ills by starting with ourselves in our homes and churches before moving out. 

You will agree with me that most of those who have looted the state treasury and are now languishing in prisons were frontline Christians of our churches. This fight is not targeting government, it would rather help the government when we start denouncing and shouting these ills in the open, else we perish and posterity will judge you and me as accomplices." Nico Halle remarked.

Speaking on behalf of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, the President of the Cameroon Baptist Mens’ Fellowship, CBMF, Albert Luma, said the church has seen in past elections Christians compromising with election riggers. "How can you explain the fact that a Christian who is caught stuffing ballot boxes is the very Christian after elections come and offer thanksgiving service and the church receives such money cheerfully," Luma asked.

The National President of the Catholic Men Association, CMA, Francis Bekeny and his Secretary, Blaise Ban, praised Nico Halle for bringing the churches together. He pointed out that the Catholic Church has an organization; Justice and Peace, that also fights social ills like child trafficking, torture, human rights violation. "We are promising that we will ensure that these ills are curbed given the blessings from our hierarchy."

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