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Church Money Is 

By Anthony Njie

CameroonPostline.com — Leaders of the Presbyterian Christian Church, PCC, and their faithful have been warned to steer clear of church money, which the Moderator describes as bad luck to those who steal it.

Moderator (hands raised) prays at dedication of church building

PCC Moderator, the Right Rev. Dr. Festus Ambe Asana, cautioned Christians during celebrations marking the dedication of a new church building in Tiko recently. The warning of the PCC leader comes at a time when embezzlement of church money is rife, especially by church leaders. That is apparently why the Moderator exhorted PCC officials to maintain a steadfast and obedient attitude in the execution of their respective duties in the House of God.

Addressing Christians that converged from all corners of the region, Festus Asana, in his sermon, outlined a plethora of ills pulling back the growth of the church, among which he mentioned immorality and poor husbanding of church finances. A church building, he said, is not a ground to settle scores, to bear grudges or display toughness, or to swindle money from fellow members – Neither it is a structure erected to pull the crowd nor lure people.

“Brethren should constantly strive to shun immorality and corrupt practices, which fall out of the Christian tradition. Church money is bad luck money; if used correctly it brings blessings, but when it is misused it brings misfortune on the part of the user,” the Moderator cautioned. He based his sermon on Isaiah 43 vs 22-28, which enjoins christians to pursue the virtues of truth, righteousness, selflessness and the fear of God, regardless of the prevailing circumstances.

Festus Asana bemoaned the state of the church today, which according to him, has been invaded by self-seeking charlatans on the mission to extort money from the masses. “Though it is written in the Bible that we have received the spirit of discernment, some members still allow themselves to be lured.

We have heard of men of God who constituted fortunes off the back of their members and vanished with their family, yet Christians are less careful about the danger behind the rampage of these new churches,” the servant of God explained. On his part, PCC Tiko Parish Pastor, Rev. Alphonsius Tanyi, expressed gratitude to contributions made by various members, church committees and former pastors whose dedication and efforts led to the realisation of the church building.

“Our admiration of this structure is beyond description. It stands as a milestone here in Tiko to testify to the evolution we have partaken in, since its conception in 1998,” Alphonsius enthused.
The cleric told the congregation to emulate the example set by Christ himself, to cultivate the habit of communion prayers in a bid to transform the religious site into a place of hope, comfort, love and reconciliation.

Other key moments in the ceremony included the consecration of the altar and vessels, contributions to support some related projects and congratulations from a host of officiating ministers. “God should have a look at this building with a smile on the account of your actions to take his kingdom forward as from today,” Rev. Tanyi said.  

First published in The Post print edition no 01441

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