Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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City Council Spends FCFA 30 M On Waste 

By Maxcel Fokwen

The Mayor to the Kumba II Council, Martin Forcha Ndobengang, has declared that the FCFA 30 million which the Kumba City Council claimed it spent in clearing off a-decade-old garbage heap in the Fiango Market was a debt it owed the population.

Ndobengang made the pronouncement recently on the sidelines of the launching of the maiden edition of the Kumba II Council inter-quarter-competition at GBHS Kossala.

Responding to questions from reporters on the supposed rift between the City Council and the Kumba II Council over a portion of land along the CCC Street around Fiango Market, the Mayor said it was obvious that the City Council disposed of the waste because it is an old debt in the form of service it owed the population.

In this light, he stated that the Kumba II Council is bent on going ahead with its plans to construct new sheds in the area for traders. The Mayor also said the City Council has no powers to engage in such projects without the authorisation of the grand Councillors.

But the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council, Victor Ngoh  Nkelle, had told reporters sometime ago that it would not be good business for the City Council to spend FCFA 30 million in clearing the waste in Fiango Market, just for the Mayor and his Council to take advantage of the outcome. Ngoh averred that the City Council was simply reaping from where it sowed.
Football As Image Building Game

Speaking on the innovation of putting in place a football tournament for Kumba II, Mayor Ndobengang said he aims to market the image of areas such as Kosala and Fiango which have a controversial image in the public sphere.

He explained that, as the population goes about enjoying the game, they will inadvertently enjoy their entire municipality. He said he sees in the tournament the building of a new spirit of development within Kumba II that will, in the long run, affect all and sundry, given that almost all the neighbourhoods have teams participating in the tournament.

He observed that, like it obtains everywhere else during the long vacation, the youth are thus occupied and that keeps them from indulging in vices. To Ndobengang, a series of games through out the holidays makes the youth focused on the ambiance of sports before retuning to school in September when schools reopen.

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