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City Council Staff Take Treasurer Hostage 

Compiled By Maxcel Fokwen — Some disgruntled staff of the Kumba City Council took the Treasurer, Wilfred Tawan, hostage in his office recently over alleged unpaid three months salary. The Post learnt that the workers got annoyed because when it was time for payment of salaries, the treasury officials refused to respond to phone calls from the workers. The irate workers then mobilized and besieged the office of the Treasurer momentarily.

The situation was brought under control after the angry workers were promised payment.
Reacting on the situation, the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council, Victor Nkelle Ngoh, said there was no problem within the City Council. He stated that everything was going on well except for some lazy staff who do not work but always scramble for money.

A source at the Treasury Department of the City Council told this reporter that the money due the workers was already made available through a bank overdraft the City Council engaged on Tuesday, November 5. The same source maintained that the delay in payment was due to difficulties at the level of individual banks, where the workers receive their salaries.

PIASSI Victimises Meme For Choosing Opposition

The Coordinator of Integrated Support Project for Economic Actors of the Informal Sector, known by its French acronym as PIASSI, Claude Melone Loe, has reportedly vowed not to give loans to subscribers from Meme because the SDF party won most of the councils. The revelation was made by the organisation’s agent for Meme Division, Lydia Ikomi, Wednesday, November 6, in Mbonge.

Addressing CPDM party sympathizers who had gathered to celebrate President Biya’s 31st anniversary as Head of State, Ikomi explained that after the September 30 twin elections, the National Coordinator of PIASSI vowed that they will no longer give loans to persons in Meme because the population voted overwhelmingly for the opposition SDF. Ikomi told the population that it was thanks to her intervention that the PIASSI Coordinator knew that the CPDM won councils in Mbonge and Konye Subdivisions.

Authors Of Supreme Court Petition Threatened

CPDM party officials in Mbonge Subdivision, Meme Division, Southwest Region, have vowed to crush militants who petitioned the election of William Ekong Sakwe as Mayor of Mbonge Council. The local party bigwigs made the promiseNovember 6, at the Mbonge grandstand during celebrations marking President Biya’s 31st anniversary as Head of State.

According to the Meme II Section President and Mayor-elect, Ekong Sakwe, the elections in Mbonge were conducted in a free and fair atmosphere, where he emerged victorious. Ekong stated that even if the election of mayor were to be repeated he would still crush all his opponents, because going by him, he has the backing of the councilors. Ekong explained to The Post that somebody called him from Yaounde and informed him that there was a petition at the Supreme Court from militants of his Section.

For the National Youth President of the CPDM, Stephen Mbonda Motia, the petition was drawn up by some overzealous guys who do not even understand basic laws. Mbonda described the petition as baseless, because, according to him, the election of Ekong as Mayor of Mbonge was duly supervised by the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Meme. Mbonda, who is also Youth President in Meme II, explained that even the CPDM party hierarchy was not informed about the said petition.

Quizzed on the petition in question, Senator Andrew Otte Mofa told reporters that everybody is free to petition. The problem, however, going by Senator Otte Mofa, lies in the merit of the petition. He averred that the Supreme Court would throw out the petition, because the Mayor-elect was voted by Councilors and the votes counted in the open. The Senator predicted that in the next elections, the opposition parties, especially the SDF, will be completely “flattened in Mbonge.”

Before now, Ekong, Mbonda and Otte, who all graced the anniversary in Mbonge, corroborated one another that Biya remains the best option for Cameroon’s development. Going by the trio, for over 31 years, President Biya has invested in education, health, farming, youth employment and every other area of human endeavour, with many more projects in the pipeline.

First published in The Post print edition no 01478

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