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Civil Servants Coerced To Celebrate Youth Day 

By Azore Opio

This year, celebrating Youth Day will no longer be a matter of choice for government employees. It is compulsory.

The hard work to ensure that the 51st edition of Youth Day celebrations holds in Buea, Southwest Region, spurred the Governor to devise an uncommon scheme to fill the grandstand with marchers.

With the risk that the Youth Day celebrations might run aground on February 11, the Chief Executive of the Southwest Region set a rigid condition for all government employees in Buea Subdivision and beyond.

Going by the strategy, all the civil servants will have to appear at the Independence Square and participate in the February 11 celebrations.

The likelihood that Youth Day this year might not take off is strengthened by the ghost town operation that has been going on in the Anglophone regions, where all activities are grounded with minimum movement of people and traffic.

This has been aggravated by the fact that schools have since been deserted. The circumstances are even made much worse by calls for ghost town on Friday 10 and Saturday 11.

This anxiety inspired Governor Okalia to go to work and print invitations.

This requires all civil servants to sign for and collect the invitations.

“Every civil servant in all the government services in Fako are required to sign for the invitation and collect it for the march-past at the Independence Square in Buea,” said a government employee who opted for anonymity.

He added, “After the march-past, we will again sign an attendance sheet at the grandstand, testimony that we participated.”

The Governor went a step further and warned that those who fail will have themselves to blame.

The issuance of the invitations kicked off on Tuesday 7.

In the line-up of the march-past, the brass band of the National School of Penitentiary Administration (ENAP) would provide the parade music with the Red Cross coming first followed by the Scout Movement, primary and secondary schools, vocational and professional institutions, higher institutions, universities, youth movements and youth wings of legalised parties.

Before the march-past, President Biya’s end-of-year speech would be rebroadcast.

The Governor would preside over the celebrations under the theme, “Youth and challenges of building an exemplary, indivisible, strong and emergent nation.”


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