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CMF Champions Crusade For Sanity, Moral Values In Cameroon 

By Ernest Sumelong — The Christian Men’s Fellowship, CMF, of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, is championing a cause aimed at bringing sanity and restoring moral values in Cameroon.

Led by the President of the National Committee, NATCOM, of the CMF, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, the campaign that began a fortnight ago in Nsimeyong, Yaounde, is aimed at touching three main regions of the church in the country; Mungo, Southwest and Northwest Regions.
The move, dubbed “Transformational Evangelical Outreach”, aims to lobby ranking government officials, council heads and others in leadership positions to back the CMF in its drive to denounce vices and rather re-instate some of the country’s lost values.

Among other things, the CMF is lobbying that Religious Certificates should be recognized and that Moral Instruction be re-introduced in schools and colleges in Cameroon. The PCC men’s group that has been very vocal in recent years against moral decadence and corruption in the country and the church, is also urging administrative authorities to denounce elections rigging, homosexuality and juvenile delinquency, which to them have brought the country to its knees.

During the second lap of his tour, which took him this time to Buea, Southwest Region, Nico Halle and top members of NATCOM of the CMF as well as clergymen visited the Southwest Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, Buea Mayor, Charles Mbella Moki, and the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, the Right Rev. Dr. Festus Ambe Asana. In all the offices visited, the Nico Halle-team offered gifts of Bibles, a book on the spiritual dimension of the National Anthem and another book on the phenomenon affecting people at an advanced age; menopause and andropause.

The team, basing its reading from the Book of Mathew 5: 17 and 48, prayed with the officials, offered exhortations and also used the occasion to urge them to join condemn many of the vices, which, according to the group, contribute to ruin all sectors of national life. The various ministers of God and other members of the delegation explained the significance of the gifts, which all aimed at getting these personalities closer to God and enable them administer with wisdom.

“We have not come with champagnes, cows or money or other goodies. Instead, we have come with the most precious gift in the world, the Bible. We have come to encourage you, pray with you and exhort you to join us advocate the re-instatement of the lost values of the country,” Nico Halle said to the various officials his group visited.

According to Nico Halle, who is also the brain behind the campaign “We have been highlighting corruption, bribery and embezzlement in all its forms. We also denounced this monster called homosexuality that is almost ravaging society. Not only does our penal code, Section 347, cogently condemns homosexuality with imprisonment of up to five years, but the Bible is even harder on it.

“We also underscored the importance of recognition of Religious Knowledge certificates. The whole nation has been taken hostage by moral decadence because we have thrown Religious Knowledge and Moral Education to the dogs. And if the trends were reversed today, that would go a long way to reverse moral decadence. We reiterated that Religious Knowledge and Moral Education should be reintroduced right from the primary schools to the Universities,” he explained.

Aside the issue of morals, the Nico Halle-led team also denounced elections rigging, since according to the leader of the CMF, “we are in this challenging period when elections are coming up and people are only scheming how to rig and fraud elections”.

These were some of the messages the CMF delegation that consisted of the PCC National Secretary for Men’s Work, Rev Dr. Michael Fai, Rev. Thomas Moukoko, National Communication Secretary, Rev. Hosea Ngwa, Presbyterian Secretary Fako North, and Brother Andrew Ngomba, among others, delivered at their various stops.

Meanwhile, the various persons visited expressed gratitude to the CMF delegation, saluting and pledging their support to the initiative, which according to them, would help revive Cameroon. Governor Okalia Bilai, while talking on the CMF’s worry on homosexuality, said: “Please join us in prayers. Pastors, priests, bishops and the police have been fighting against homosexuality and we know there has been a lot of pressure for us to legalise homosexuality”.
On the issue of recognizing religious certificate, he said: “We cannot say Religious Certificate is not considered, may be it is a matter of procedure.

On his part, while expressing gratitude to the group, the Buea Mayor, Mbella Moki paid tribute to the PCC and its leadership. He recalled his challenges since he took office 11 years ago and said the church has contributed enormously in helping him to succeed. “This visit marks the end of stay at the old building and our transfer to a new office. I am looking forward to a day of thanksgiving,” Mbella Moki said.

Meanwhile, the Moderator of the PCC, Asana, commended the initiative, especially their earlier campaign for transparency and accountability in the church, which he said was yielding fruits.
After Buea, the CMF crew moves to Kumba, where the delegation meets the Senior Divisional Officer for Meme, the Government Delegate to the Kumba City Council and the Paramount Ruler of the Bafaws, Nfon V. E. Mukete.

First published in The Post print edition no 01411

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