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CMF Ends Nationwide Evangelical Outreach 

By Chris Mbunwe — The National Committee, NATCOM, of Christian Men Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, has concluded its nationwide evangelistic crusade to administrative and traditional authorities in Northwest Region.

Barrister Nico Halle hands Bible to Fon Abumbi

On Monday, March 25, the NATCOM team led by the National President of the Christian Men Fellowship, CMF, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, visited Northwest Governor, the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, for Mezam and the Palaces of Bafut and Mankon. At every stop, Pastors and CMF members prayed and handed Bibles alongside books on menopause and the modified National Anthem, which carries a spiritual touch.

Top on the agenda of the evangelistic crusade was on spiritual rearmament condemning in very strong terms; homosexuality, non recognition of Religious Certificates for recruitment into the Public Service, and non respect of State institutions. Handing a Bible to Governor Adolphe Lele L’Afrique in his office, Nico Halle pleaded with him to transmit the message to President Paul Biya that the Church in Cameroon is worried about these societal ills and moral decadence.

As such, so many things are going the wrong way because “those who loot the public treasury, rig elections and commit all sorts of atrocities are well known “Christians”. He cautioned the Governor that, considering the fact that Senatorial and other elections are close, “know that you are in a region that is turbulent and a lot of people who come to you, especially some dangerous elites, are not trustworthy. What they will tell you might not be what they profess.”

As an arm of evangelism in the PCC, the National President of the CMF said the crusade against societal ills will continue after this first phase until moral values and religious certificates are considered and recognised.“Your Excellency, we have not come to tell you we are perfect, we are here to let you understand that in our imperfection, the Good Lord is using us to relay this message for spiritual cleansing,” Nico Halle exhorted Governor Lele L’Afrique.
Promising to transmit the message to hierarchy, Governor Lele L’Afrique said, as a Christian, he knows nothing can be achieved without God. He acknowledged the role the PCC has played in wining souls for God, building schools, health centres and other social amenities in Cameroon.

In Bafut, Fon Abumbi, a CMF member, and Stanley Fuh, Pioneer Presbytery President for Bafut, promised to chase out all illegal religious organisations in Bafut subdivision. “We are proud that the National President and his team have come out courageously and publicly to condemn certain societal ills notably; corruption, embezzlement, homosexuality and the relegation of Religious Knowledge to the background.

These ills have completely taken the society into the den of the devil,” Fon Abumbi said, pleading for support to enable him complete a chapel under construction.  The National Secretary for Mens’ Work and Evangelism, Rev. Dr. Michael Fai, who was part of the CMF delegation, preached from the Book of Mathew Chapter 5, requesting administrative and traditional authorities to strive for perfection.

Underscoring the issue of fighting immorality and promiscuity in the PCC, Nico Halle admitted that “so many complains have reached me about CMF members taking over peoples’ wives, and that they (CMF members) return home late and drunk.” He promised that wayward CMF members with such moral decay will be weeded. To him, the CMF has come of age and the number has risen to 8.000. “Give us five years, this number will double why not triple,” he enthused.

First published in The Post print edition no 01421

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