Saturday, November 17, 2018
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CMF President Decries Corruption, Embezzlement In Church 

By Peterkins Manyong

The President of the Christian Men’s Fellowship, CMF, of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle, has spoken out against corruption, embezzlement and other vices in the church. Nico Halle was speaking in Bamenda while opening a meeting of the National Committee for Men’s Work, NATCOM MW LTE. While praising the PCC for its inspiring slogans, lamented that Christians were perpetrating vices.

He recalled that not long ago, the PCC came up with the "The Synod of Regeneration" followed by "The Synod of Change". He also recalled that Rev. Dr. Festus Asana, the new PCC Moderator, said during his induction that everything will be made new. Today, we have the slogan "Setting our feet on higher grounds".  All these slogans, he said, means that the PCC has realised that everything is not going right and is prepared for change.

However, he said the PCC has not been spared by some of society’s vices like corruption, human rights abuse and moral decadence. He regretted that some members of the CMF, the pillar of the PCC, are involved in acts of corruption, embezzlement of state funds, especially. This, according to him, renders most Cameroonian youth unemployed.

CMF members, he added, are also involved in electoral fraud. In order for the PCC to fight corruption, it must itself be free of corruption, according to Nico Halle. Nico Halle called on fellow NATCOM members and the entire PCC to ensure that peace reigns during President Biya’s upcoming visit to Bamenda.

He said the occasion will serve as an opportunity for Cameroonians to appreciate the Bakassi success story and the patriotism and valour of our armed forces. He called on NATCOM members not only to be leaders, but also servants. He praised CMF members who were recently promoted to higher posts of responsibility.

The CMF President concluded by calling for serenity, love and commitment without which the meeting would not have held successfully. At the end of the meeting, CMF members resolved to join government in its anti-corruption drive.

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