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CMF Want Moslems To Join Anti-Graft War 

By Peterkins Manyong

The Christian Men’s Fellowship, CMF, which is in league with other denominations in combating corruption, wants Moslems to join in the fight. This wish was expressed during a meeting at the Ntamulung Church Centre, Bamenda on February 25, aimed at putting in place a concrete strategic plan to combat corruption in Cameroonian. The meeting was presided at by Ntumfor Nico Halle, National President of the CMF of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC.

Rev. Ignatius Jum, the PCC Moderator’s Representative, said that although Moslems don’t believe in Christ, they believe in God and so should not be left out of any move to moralise and sanitise society. Their contribution to the fight against corruption should, therefore, not be undermined, he maintained. Concurring, Ntumfor said Moslems, indeed, believe in God and therefore have something to offer. He noted that Christians have sometimes been regarded as, more of the cause, than the solution to some of society’s problems.

“Christianity, therefore, is not the only one building society. To combat corruption we should pass through the value system,” he said, but cautioned that Moslems are very strict people with their own firm convictions on issues. He advised that the issue of inviting Moslems to join the fight should be well thought out and not rushed.

Ntumfor, however, called on all those engaged in the fight to be courageous and be ready to be guillotined. This, because those involved in corrupt practices would always throw banana peelings, that is, do everything to obstruct those fighting it, he said.

Another issue Ntumfor raised was the idea of excluding Religious Knowledge from the list of subjects required in competitive examinations. He recommended that such should be examined and passed through parliament. Considering the important role the press plays in society, Ntumfor Nico Halle said journalists should be involved in the fight against corruption..

Also, he observed that a lawyer who strives to win all cases must be a corrupt lawyer because it means some of these cases are "fixed" with the presiding magistrates. He also frowned on promiscuity not only in the society, but also in church. Why, he asked rhetorically, would the only feeling of a man towards a woman be that he should sleep with her? That, to him, is lust, not love. It was also agreed that simply preaching corruption is not enough; that action is not only necessary, but urgent.

Concluding, Ntumfor recommended that 2011 should be used for reflection and that real action should commence in 2012. He argued that if it starts this year, with the forthcoming Presidential Election, the idea would be misconstrued. Besides PCC Christians, representatives of the Catholic and Baptist Churches were also present.

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