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CMF Has Transformed The PCC 

By Ernest Sumelong

CameroonPostline.com — At a time churches are rocked by leadership crisis, the leading movement of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, PCC, is being praised for transforming the church.

PCC Synod Clerk, Rev. William Anwenzoh, Saturday, August 31, expressed the appreciation of the PCC to the National Committee (NATCOM) of the Christian Men’s Fellowship, CMF, for bringing positive changes in the church, especially in terms of greater accountability and moral probity.

Transparency, financial accountability and moral probity have been the cardinal values preached during the four-year reign of the current CMF executive led by its National President, Barrister Nico Halle, The Post learnt. Rev. Abwenzoh used the CMF NATCOM meeting to formally express the recognition of the Moderator, Right Rev. Dr. Festus Ambe Asana, regarding the work the men’s movement has been doing so far.

He listed some of the important activities of the CMF executive to include the campaign to have Religious Knowledge recognized in the country, the fight against corruption, moral decadence and homosexuality, vices which have had a footstool even in the Church.

Through this crusade, the CMF visited Governors, Senior Divisional Officers, SDOs, Government Delegates, Mayors and the Moderator of the PCC, praying with them and sharing Bibles. The CMF, during this campaign, urged the officials to serve the people with the fear of God. Rev Abwenzoh, nonetheless, acknowledged that the Church was still beset by challenges, which like a church they are working hard to meet.

He mentioned, among others, alleged financial improprieties by some church officials placed to head certain institutions. He also talked of divisions and misunderstandings among Christians and leaders in the Church’s movements. But the Synod Clerk boasted that the Church was doing fairly well generally and that it is traditional for them to be very critical of themselves in order to improve.

Earlier, while addressing members, Nico Halle, known for his campaign for moral uprightness and peace, urged CMF executive members to live up to expectation and manage the Church’s money with greater transparency, because, according to him, they have a duty to serve God’s people well.

“If we preach against corruption and practice the same vice, then the movement has failed. The church has a role to play in sanitizing society and can also contribute in stopping violence in the world,” the CMF head said. Nico Halle said the church can raise its voice and condemn such violence as in Syria and many parts of the world.

“However, we can only do this when we are morally upright. We should ensure greater transparency and accountability, which the church is suffering from,” he said. The issue of transparency and accountability became the main crusade of the CMF owing to past scandals of unrestricted swindling of church money generously contributed by Christians for God’s work.

Education Secretaries, heads of certain divisions and projects as well as other leaders allegedly pilfered church money and were mired in acts of corruption. This is what the Nico Halle CMF-led executive has fought in the greater part of their mandate to minimise. Talking to reporters, Nico Halle said in the two-day meeting, they had fruitful and peaceful deliberations on issues bordering on the church and the CMF.

“We want to thank the Moderator for ushering change and the other church movements for their contributions towards the growth of the church. While we are not brandishing perfection, we think it is important to fight against ills in the church such as corruption and embezzlement,” he said.

National Secretary for Men’s Work, Rev. Dr. Michael Fai, and the National Secretary for Women’s Work, Beatrice Ngeh, all praised the contributions of the CMF executive in changing the PCC.
The CMF, which started 25 years ago with 200 men, now has 18,500 members in 763 groups spread in 25 presbyteries and three Regions namely; Northwest, Southwest and East Mungo Regions. The CMF NATCOM assembly had the leaders of the 25 presbyteries of the church and other church leaders.

First published in The Post print edition no 01462

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