Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Coaches to Guide Young Talents in Basketball 

By Basil K. Mbuye

Basketball coach, Emile Ifose Mbella

Basketball coach, Emile Ifose Mbella

A group of basketball coaches in Buea are on a mission to help guide young basketball talents in secondary schools in the Buea Municipality.

The information was made known by Coach Emile Ifose Mbella, who is also President of the basketball association in the Southwest Region, after his return from the study of high-level basketball coaching in the United States in a programme known as International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program.

According to Emile Mbella, some 15 local basketball coaches involved in this project will work with secondary schools to see that these young talents are trained the right way. This project will be run in BGS Molyko, St. Joseph College Sasse, GTHS Molyko, BHS Great Soppo, Bishop Rogan College, REPACOL Mutengene, among others.

Frequent meetings will be held in order to analyse the level of the implementation of the project and tournaments will also be organised involving students from schools engaged in the project.

“This project has great ambitions. We dream seeing one of these students in Germany on basketball scholarship or any other part of the world,” Mbella said.

A workshop was equally organized to train local coaches participating in the project. During the workshop, some shortcomings in basketball in the country were highlighted. They include, lack of credible programmes to train aspiring basketball players, lack of proper structures and organs in Cameroon, insufficient number of qualified coaches, among others.

Speaking after the workshop, Assistant Coach of Volcanic Warriors Buea, Pires Maloba, also complained about the organisation of basketball in the Southwest Region, in particular, and Cameroon, in general. He was, however, hopeful that things will change.

“Thanks to the knowledge acquired in the United States by the President of Basketball in the Southwest Region [Ifose Mbella], I believe that things will change. We will be working on a project that will help us come out with a curriculum that will see that a coach in Bishop Rogan and that of BGS Molyko teach their students the same thing. This is the main objective of the project,” Coach Maloba said.

To Coach Vera Kwamen, the project is a beautiful one, because, it aims at standardising basketball in Cameroon so as to make the sport has a better level in the entire country.