After my tour of the cities of Eritrea having a swell time, I decided to return home. My younger sister, Bibish, was getting worried. She called several times and no matter how I reassured her that I was fine, she was not convinced.

I called Indira in Asmara and asked her to make me a reservation with Kenya Airways or Ethiopian Airlines. I told her I was coming the next day to stay the night and then take my flight the following day back to Cameroon. I also asked her to book me a room, preferably at the Savanna International hotel where I stayed last time and preferably the room I stayed in. Memories of that room, with Indira and me alone and what we did, had made an indelible mark on my mind.

Indira, her beauty, her manners, her groaning when she was almost there, and the way in which exhaled when she has hit the mark, is like the kind of woman that you remember sometimes when you are making love to another woman and you are not getting to the desired point.

Has it ever happened to you? It has to me several times. There was even an instance that a girlfriend had suspected me going out with another girl. I had sworn that I hadn’t anything to do with the girl in question.

Then, one day, after boozing the entire afternoon and feeling very high and hunting without getting any game, I decided to go to my girlfriend’s place. I convinced her that she was the best thing on earth. You know what you can tell a woman when you are hot. She succumbed. I sweated and was not releasing then I thought of the other girl. Instead of calling, Maurine on who I was sweating, I said: “Naomi, do it. Do it the way you usually do it.” Maurine pushed me of her and turned so vigorously that she almost broke my…

I travelled by bus to Asmara. East African countries – Kenya being one of the topmost – have a way of showcasing and selling their tourism. Not a single opportunity is missed. Just like South Africa, as we see in movies shot in that country of Mandela of blessed memory; the wildlife, the land, the mountains, the cities and the countryside other touristic sites are showcased.
I arrived in Asmara at 3:15pm and took a taxi to my hotel.

“You are welcome. Your room is ready, Sir,” the receptionist smiled and handed me the key to my room. Indira had done executing my instructions to the letter.
“Call the reception if you need anything, Sir,” the receptionist told me, still smiling. I could not say whether her wide grin, showing a clean set of teeth, was a trained smile or an actual one.
I went to my room, showered, wore a t-shirt and shorts and sandals. I called Indira and thanked her and said I was waiting for her in the restaurant.

“What would you like to eat, so that I order on your behalf?” I asked as if I knew all Eritrean dishes. She said she was having dinner at home and that I should eat, take my time and she will join me when am done and back in my room. Memories of that room crept back into my mind. I felt something recoil between my legs.

I went down to the restaurant and ate scrambled eggs with bread and washed it down with some good wine. I drank about half of the bottle and kept the other half to take to my room for Indira. I knocked two pints of whisky and started feeling light in the head; then went up to my room after spending about two and half hours. That was my last night in Eritrea and with one of the most beautiful women on earth. I called Indira and told her I was in my room.

After undressing down to my shorts, I lay on the bed flipping through newspapers and thinking about the night ahead with Indira. After about 30 minutes, I heard a knock on the door.
I got up and opened the door. The angel was standing right there in a light green long dress with the top exposing her apples. The nipples were quite pronounced. I drew her into my arms and then carried and laid her on her back.

I recounted my journey and how I visited some of the best touristic sites. She looked at me and her eyes searched my face during the narration and I could see that she would have asked if I am sure I didn’t sleep with other women.
Then, I lifted my hand and fondled her nipples and my groin bulged. She shivered as I tried to lift her dress.

“Nooooo! I only came because I wanted to see you given that this is your last night here. I am on my menses.”
I felt as if my heart has been severed and it has fallen into my stomach.
The Collector