Thursday, May 23, 2019
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Column: Dear Mbella…. 

 I heaved a sigh of relief when I read your last mail. Your long silence had plunged me into a reverie of tortuous thoughts. I had wondered if the mafia on whose jigger-infested toes you stepped had stampeded you into pay the soldier’s debt before your time.

That is why I rhapsodised when you finally broke the impasse and warded off my fears. There is a counter-truth commission in Ongola, hell bent on highlighting prevarications and shielding the truth about the land thieving mafia. But mind you, Mbella, the truth is undying … Its immortality will make it triumph, even if its tellers are reduced to a minority of one.
Mbella, it is a sacrosanct truth that by prying into the skeleton-infested cupboards of the mafia, you created a “chop farm” for the Iscariots. They have been lining their pockets from killing the ‘scoop in honour of the Kadiyes’ of the mafia.
Like the very brilliant and erudite being that you are, you conveniently held brief for the “ganakos” up there without adulterating your objectivity. But I think it is very difficult to make conclusive statements on what is clearly an asymmetric war. We have an enabling environment for such terrorism because of certain frustrations. Yet it does not make sense for anybody or group of persons to ignite a sustained pogrom on account of frustrations. There is no justification for sending innocent people to early graves.
What about press reports that Guerandi went the Issa Adoum way? I hear the “Ton-Ton Macouts” stampeded him into joining his ancestors for continuously raising a finger of protest. On that barbaric day of 1984, the coup quickly metamorphosed to genocide. Young military students of Northern origin were all slaughtered like chicken.
Mola, I wonder how you can easily forget that there was another President in this country, called Issa Adoum. His reign was swift and only for a few minutes. He addressed the nation for a few minutes.
Hear him “Only 16 months of Saul’s regime, Cameroon has gone into one of its bleakest period in history.” He called for the dissolution of Government and urged Provincial Governors to resign; it was a prophetic declaration because, a few years after, the very man who said there was nothing amiss, announced the crisis.
Mbella, these are historical facts, but I know you are likely to gainsay them. In our country, there are many versions of history, depending of course, on who is telling the story. The whole thing depends on the geo-ethnic provenance and the political leaning of the story teller. There are many kinds of histories. There is CPDM history, SCNC history and many others. You just need to know who can tell what kind of history best. That is why stone and Fan drew daggers over facts. It was like a fight between the lawyer of the oppressor and that of the oppressed, respectively.
Such a dichotomy can only surprise a JJC. We are in a society where the quest for material-self-aggrandisement is the norm. It is a wasteland of spiritual emptiness, where the so called role models preach virtue and practise vice. If it were a sane society, the man who is trying hard to contradict the Head of State’s policy of National Unity and National Integration should have long been shown the door.
How on earth could such an oaf declare that all Anglicans are incompetent? Is that political simpleton an agent? He should be the one in the dark room, not Maxwell Oben. Let “ganako” Bakary do same.
Yours sincerely 

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