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Combating Malaria In Southwest Still Major Concern 

By Solange Neh & Claudia Ndobegang*

CameroonPostline.com — The fight against malaria in the Southwest Region remains a major concern in spite of the efforts mobilised and progress made. The fight remains the primordial concern of the Control Committee for the Fight against Malaria headed by Dr. Gaston Wamba, which has a public programme with partners like the Global Fund that assists it also in the fight against HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.

“Malaria accounts for over 27 percent of every consultation, but we have successfully distributed mosquito nets at the rate of 83 percent in the Southwest Region,” Dr. Wamba said. He added, “The remaining 17 percent of the population did not register because they thought it was a political campaign, since the campaign for the Presidential election [2011] was around the corner.”

According to him, people take the nets but instead of sleeping under them, they prefer to either store them in their boxes or dry their pepper seeds on it. Baudelaire Tedonfet, an accountant of the Control Committee, stated that “a total of 8 million mosquito nets were distributed in the national territory; 569,213 of them were sent to the Southwest Region consisting of 19 health districts out of which 55,810 were for the Buea health districts.

They were distributed at the ratio of two people to one net (2:1)” he said. However, in spite of Government efforts at providing the nets, some inhabitants of the Southwest have controversial opinions. Irene Gapsa complained of insufficient mosquito nets to her family. Another inhabitant, who gave her name only as Ndasi, said she was asked to pay before she would be given a mosquito net.

“I thought, after registration, one had every right to collect the net because they were said to be free. But if I am asked to pay for it, this is to satisfy the selfish interest of the agents,” she lamented. In response this allegation, Dr. Wamba assured the inhabitants of Buea that in the case of an agent attempting to sell mosquito nets, the name of such an agent should be gotten and he or she reported to the competent authorities.

Wamaba said that serious measures would be taken against such an agent. Nevertheless, a majority of Buea inhabitants are glad with the move describing it as coming at the right time. One of the happy inhabitants, Ignatius Lofti, said: “My family and I actually enjoy the comfort of sleeping under a treated mosquito net. Before, one could not sleep peacefully, but now, the night is peaceful.”

Agnes Wirba and Bienvenue Tchofeugeu share the same opinion: “Even though it seemingly generates heat, the comfort is more because I sleep with my fan on.” Asked on the preventive measures to combat malaria, Dr. Wamba cautioned that the inhabitants of Buea to clear all bushes around their vicinities, sleep under treated mosquito nets, as well as take mectizan tablets when the agents come by.”

*(UB Journalism  & Linguistic Students On Internship)

First published in The Post print edition no 01454

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