Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Common Law Bar Association Created 

By Andrew Nsoseka

Resilient Lawyers

Resilient Lawyers

A recent communiqué signed by all leaders of the four constituent associations of the common law lawyers conference, FAKLA, MALA, MELA, NOWELA, has announced the creation of the Cameroon Common Law lawyers Bar Association.

The leaders of the lawyers’associations in a recent release noted that they have been served with hard proof that the government is “desperately wooing some inconsequential common law lawyers and bribing them with a meagre FCFA 200,000 each, in exchange for a resumption of court activities.”

The lawyers pointed out that all this while, government has been pretending that their strike has zero impact, dreaming that they, common law lawyers, will soon go hungry and call off the strike.

The recent meeting by lawyers’ representatives is said to have received useful summary insider appreciation of the strike action and contributions towards the fine-tuning of the way forward from three Bar Council members of the Common Law extraction.

The leaders of the lawyers associations also regretted that the government is trying to define the parameters of their action ostensibly to guide them out of a clearly defined projectile, but they strongly declared that they will hold fast to their non-violent revolutionary path.

The lawyers standing strongly on their points avowed that they maintain their earlier resolutions and will continue to translate their resolutions resolutely into on-going projects.

The common law lawyers stated firmly that their strike action is providing inspiration to varying hibernating change agents who are coming on board to emulate them in changing society to make it more accountable and liveable.

Amongst the resolutions reached at by the lawyers in the twist in the strike, was the first which read “the Cameroon Common Law Bar Association is hereby created”.

The second resolution by the lawyers announced that in a fortnight, the constitution and other related rules of the common law bar association will be published and will immediately be followed by a general assembly which will take place in Kumba.

Public Demonstrations

The lawyers while equally maintaining that the strike action agreed upon at the last Bamenda conference will continue until their demands are made.

“The character and rhythm of the on-going strike action shall be taken to a higher level, to wit, formal demonstrations of dissatisfaction with government, through periodic occupation of court premises in the major cities within the common law jurisdiction,” said the lawyers.

The lawyers are expected to meet Tuesday, November 8 at the premises of the Northwest Court of Appeal in Bamenda, and Thursday, November 10 at the Southwest Court of Appeal in Buea.

The new Common Law Bar Association also announced that the constituent associations are going to set up an ethics and counselling committee for the on-going actions, which will remain in place until the Ethics committee of the Common Law Bar sets to take over functions in due course.

Call To Anglophone Community

To the general public, they wrote, “we enjoin the general public within the common law jurisdiction of the Northwest and Southwest Regions to stay steadfast and supportive of our action of which they are principal beneficiaries.”

The lawyers further encouraged the general community to maintain their understanding of the legality and legitimacy of their demands which as they pointed out are “corrective and protective measures in the recovery and rebuilding of judicial integrity and performance for the benefit of all out of our diversity.”

The plea to the general community ended with a note saying that recovery and integrity of the communities can only be “if there is mutual recognition and respect of each of the constituent community’s historico-legal values.”