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Community Joins Veteran Journalist, Bernard Eko, To Bury Grandmother 

By Andrew Nsoseka
The Likoko Membea Community, the media family alongside a host of friends, family and sympathisers, on April 21, joined veteran journalist, now serving the Bilingualism and Multiculturalism Commission, Bernard Eko, to bid farewell to his 99-year-old grandmother.

The grandmother, Mbamba Frida Mojoko Ekongo Ngalle passed on on March 25, 2018.
Mourners thronged the family residence of the veteran journalist, former Station Manager of CRTV Buea, and Journalism Lecturer, to mourn and celebrate the life of his grandmother, Mbamba Frida Mojoko Ekongo Ngalle.
The family residence at Likoko Membea was jammed with family members, grand and great grandchildren, friends and well-wishers who turned out in their numbers to pay last respects to the outstanding grandmother.

Referred to by many as “a mother with rare qualities”, the turnout at late Mbamba Frida’s funeral was eloquent testimony of the person she was in her days with the people she loved and lived with. To the people who came out in their numbers to pray and celebrate her life, she was a rare breed with scarce qualities of love, care, coupled with her generous nature. She is said to have positively impacted dozens through her charitable deeds.

She was buried in Likoko Membea after a church service at the PCC Church house, witnessed by her more than 60 descendants who referred to her as “heroine”.
“For us, the children, grandchildren, great grand and great great grandchildren, this beloved lady, Mbamba Mojoko Mw’Ekong’a Kato, was quite special. She took care of almost all of us from the first generation to the fourth… throughout her time with us, we treasured the values she instilled in us.”

Bernard Eko said, while paying tributes to her that, “For me in particular, my life’s story is closely linked to her. That is why I call her “mama” instead of “grandma”. I was born into her hands in Likoko Membea and she and my grandfather never let me go. They took me as their son… and to that end, I bow to her in adoration…”

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