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Computer Aid Ships 9,900 Computers To Cameroon 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Computer Aid International Programme Officer for Francophone Africa, Tito Wambua, has revealed that his organisation has shipped some 9,900 computers to Cameroon.

Tito Wambua

He spoke to The Post recently during his visit to Buea, Southwest Region. According to him, their aim is to provide local NGOs and educational institutions with computers and ease the education of students. "There is a great need and we are at a point where it is yet to be exhausted. Hence, we look forward to stand up to the challenges," he added.

He said they are making inroads in the African continent. "Ten years ago, we had only provided a hundred computers in Cameroon, for instance. Today, we have done 9,900 and across the continent, we have provided over 140,000 computers in the past ten years, which is progress. If we were not making inroads, this will not be the case." The IT Expert expressed happiness that the feedback has been positive, especially in a continent where there are children who have never seen a computer before, until the coming of the Computer Aid initiative.

"They can now see a computer and work with. The experience I had in Ebolowa, South Region of Cameroon, is very exciting. Students in a school out there now have access to computers thanks to Computer Aid. This is going to boost their education, make them computer literate, open them for job opportunities and help them to be competitive with other students across the world."

With a liaison office in Nairobi, Kenya, Wambua explained their operations across the African continent. "We make sure that every organisation, which needs the machines, applies for them through our website. Subsequently, we will assess the applications to guarantee that the applicants are not for profit entities or it is an educational institution. From there, the beneficiaries will take charge of the transportation costs of the computers to the various destinations.

This is basically a handling fee, which is very minimal. It is a sign of commitment. Not the cost of the machines." Wambua argued that there is a big need for computer literacy in the African continent, though a good chunk of the population is in the rural areas. "The whole world is going ICT and digital. If the African continent does not embrace IT, they will be disadvantaged economically, socially and politically.

That is not where we want to be. We have to be moving along with the rest of the world," he stated. According to Wambua, Africa should be a competitive place for business, scientific studies, education, research, so that they too have a platform to showcase their own ideas on the global scene in a technologically convenient manner.

"It is my wish for the African continent to embrace ICT for development. It is knowledge, which will transform lives. ICT is the net that will catch everything one needs. It is a sustainable way of looking at development. That is what Computer Aid is doing in the continent". Computer Aid International, with headquarters in England, is the world largest provider to not-for-profit institutions and educational organisations of quality-refurbished computers.

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