Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Conner Water Shipping Launches Limbe-Calabar Vessel 

By Azore Opio

Monica Express may not be the first sea moving vessel that comes to mind when trying to figure how to get from Limbe on the west coast of Cameroon to Calabar in the southern coast of neighbouring Nigeria.

Monica Express

Taking a 200-seater boat complete with air-conditioned compartments, fully equipped restaurant and bar to match to cross international borders makes for a great travelling experience. The Monica Express that sailed from Greece to Cameroon early this year on its own power was launched Friday, September 15. It will be travelling regularly between Limbe, Bota wharf on Tuesdays and Fridays arriving in Calabar every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The schedule is primarily designed to meet the needs of locals for Calabar and thus follows a timetable and a consistent routing. In general terms, the boat leaves Limbe twice a week cruising non-stop to Calabar. "We promise superior customer service at very affordable rates. We place the customer at the centre of all our actions," says the Conner Water Shipping Co. Manager, Romanus Kpuyuf.