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Contractors, Mayors Dodge PIB Follow-up Meetings 

By Francis Tim Mbom — Contractors handling any Public Investment Budget, PIB, projects in Fako Division have been accused of dodging follow-up meetings that are held thrice a year. Principals of schools and other beneficiaries of PIB projects in Fako complained that the absence of the contractors during such meetings was partly responsible for persistently badly executed projects.

Training on contracts follow-up

The PIB beneficiaries argued that since the contractors were never present, all proposals that are made during the follow-up meetings on how the execution of contracts could be improved end up in the drawers because those carrying out the projects are never present.

Thus, on July 5, during the Second Quarter Participatory Divisional Committee Meeting held to examine the level of progress achieved so far in the execution of PIB contracts in the Division for 2012, the PIB beneficiaries urged the contractors to attend all follow-up meetings.

Except for Mayor Njie Mokodo of Muyuka Council, the Deputy Mayor of Idenau, the rest of the Fako Mayors were absent, even those in Limbe, for a meeting that was held at Limbe I Council.

“If the mayors are not coming, then the Council engineers should be present,” one participant said. Principals of Government colleges and some Mayors said the executors of these PIB projects were conspicuously absent just as the case has been in previous meetings.

“It would appear most of the contractors are allergic to this meeting,” one of the participants quipped. “How do I supervise a project when I do not even know the specifications of the contract?” another participant wondered. For the year 2012, Fako Division has 86 projects valued at FCFA 728.946 million.

Following the option of decentralising some of the PIB projects to the level of councils, Fako Councils have 27 projects to manage. In response, the Divisional Controller of Finance, Ngonja Kulu, promised to have the contractors attend the forthcoming sessions. The Finance Controller also urged contractors to make their bills on time in order not to be caught up by time at the tail end.

As to the level of projects executed so far, the Divisional Delegate of the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development for Fako, Ms. Nadege Ndam Nsangou, disclosed that the physical rate of execution was still at 30 percent while the financial payments made so far was still at 4.78 percent. Given this picture, there was a call for contractors to hasten up.

Meantime, the Mayor of Muyuka said one project in his municipality was misdirected. According to the PIB projects for Muyuka, the Government has allocated FCFA 1 million for the “equipment of the Agricultural Post at Ikata.” But the Mayor of Muyuka, who is the execution officer, told the meeting that there is “no agriculture post at Ikata.”

The Finance Controller advised that instead of returning the money to the State coffers, they were going to engage a State procedure to enable the Agriculture Post at Bafia to benefit than send the money back. The meeting was pronounced closed by the Chair of the Follow-Up Committee, Rev. Mary Kinge, on behalf of the Fako SDO.

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