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Controversy Over Reunification Projects Completion 

By Walter Wilson Nana

CameroonPostline.com — Despite declarations by Southwest administrative authorities that Buea is ready for the Reunification celebration, controversy continues to swirl over the execution and completion of projects earmarked for the event. 

During a working session recently at the Buea Council, a Buea inhabitant told the Minister of Youths and Civic Education, Ismael Bidoung Mpkatt, that he should relay the message from the people of the Southwest Region and Buea, in particular, to President Biya that he (Biya) should not come for the Reunification celebrations, if all the projects earmarked are not completed or properly done.

But the Secretary General in the office of the Southwest Governor, Clement Fon Ndikum, differed with some of the views raised; saying the President of the Republic cannot be prevented from coming to Buea if all the projects for Reunification are not completed. “The basic projects earmarked are near completion. Those that will not be completed before the coming of the President will continue after his visit.

The development of Buea will not end after the Presidential visit,” Fon Ndikum said. Despite criticisms from the press and some members of the public that the Reunification projects are progressing at snail speed or being poorly done, Southwest Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, maintains that; “Buea and its people are ready for the Reunification celebrations.

The earmarked projects are on course and final touches are being made. We are ready to welcome the President of the Republic, Mr. Paul Biya.”  Meantime, rehearsals for the civilian march-past for the celebrations have entered high gear in Buea. The civilian march-past committee head, Minister Bidoung Mpkatt, was in Buea recently to supervise rehearsals expected to bring together close to 5,000 persons.

Joined by the Minister of Basic Education, Yousoufa Hadija, and Regional administrative officials, Bidoung Mpkatt observed the rehearsals at the Buea Bongo Square by the participants that included primary school children, students from secondary schools, teacher training colleges, professional and vocational institutions, the University of Buea, University of Douala, Université de la Côte in Douala and members of the three wings of the ruling CPDM party and some men and women who are 50 years of age.

At the close of the two-hour rehearsal, Bidoung Mpkatt enjoined the coaches to continue with the work done so far, while fine-tuning their work in subsequent exercises as they continue to wait for the date of the celebrations to be announced. “The coaches must at all times ensure that the pupils, in particular, are in order and no unnecessary gaps created during marching.

The country’s flags and banners must be well handled and placed accordingly. Everybody must be synchronised and the rhythm same. We will have only an hour to do the civilian match-past on the day of the Reunification celebration,” the Minister said. Bidoung Mpkatt said the reports coming from the other activities and members of his commission show that they are on a good footing and look forward to the celebrations in colour and style.

First published in The Post edition no 01485

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