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Council Staff Taught New Contract Award Procedures 

By Francis Tim Mbom

CameroonPostline.com — Some staff from 25 councils working with the National Community Driven Development Programme, PNDP, have learned new procedures related to the regulation, award and execution of public contracts. The Director of Southwest Coordination Unit of PNDP, Dr. David Atem, said the workshop organised in partnership with the Public Contracts Regulatory Agency, ARMP, comes at a time of generalised low rate of execution of public contracts in the country.

Dr. Atem said the training workshop was to acquaint the council officials with the new Public Contracts Code and the on-going reforms in the award of public contracts. The PNDP Coordinator said they were working with 25 councils in the Southwest among them Buea, Muyuka, Idenau, Tiko, Nguti, Tombel, Bangem, Wabane, Menji and Alou.

Meanwhile, the Secretary General in the Southwest Governor’s office, Clement Ndikum Fon, who declared open the workshop at the Wovia village Community Hall in the Limbe II Sub-Division, said; “I want to thank PNDP because the scrupulous respect of the regulations and procedures concerning the award of public contracts is one of the most effective ways of ensuring the development of the Region and the country in general.”

Ndikum noted that lack of mastery of contract award procedures has hindered Councils from benefiting from PNDP financed projects. “Reliable reports from the field reveal that out of a total sum of FCFA 4 billion allocated for financing of micro-projects within councils under the PNDP scheme, less than 50 percent of this amount has been consumed,” Ndikum said.

Besides the council workers, Divisional Delegates of the Ministry of Public Contracts, MINMAP, and members of Divisional Tenders Boards of the six Divisions also participated in the training.
Participants were drilled on Reformed Contract Award Procedures and Role of the Actor and Public Contract procedures vis-à-vis the requirements of PNDP donors. The World Bank is the principal financier of PNDP projects in Cameroon with a prime aim of assisting the Cameroon Government improve on the livelihoods of those in rural communities through the financing of micro-projects through councils.

First published in The Post print edition no 01454

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