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CPDM Big Wigs Boast Of Increased Voter Registration 

By Wamey Panky

Like the lizard that jumped from the iroko tree to the ground and praised himself if no one else did, CPDM big wigs in Donga-Mantung Division, Northwest Region, have appreciated themselves for efforts they claim have increased voter registration in the region.

During their second plenary on voter registration, July 30, at the Nkambe Town Hall, the delegate from the party’s Central Committee, Emmanuel Ngafesson Bantar, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Justice and Penitential Administration, said with fresh statistics from the Donga-Mantung ELECAM office, they had all reasons to be proud of their efforts, so far, in the ongoing registration process.

He, however, said, though impressed, the figures were not yet giving the true picture of the Division. He said he was worried because the closing date (August 30) for registration was already too close. Ngafesson told the people that good registration figures alone would have multiple effects on the entire people of Donga-Mantung Division, apart from election.

He said it will give a true picture of the population, given that many people disputed the last census figures, and that it will be from those figures that Government could asses whatever development projects for the Division and even carve out its administrative structures. Shortly after his speech, Ngafesson showed members of the private press the door on grounds they had in-house filth-cleaning but left the CRTV crew he had brought in.

It later on filtered out that there were bitter exchanges over swindled funds contributed mainly by the party’s external elite to facilitate the registration process. Some of those who contributed the money expressed disappointment that the money ended in some individuals’ pockets at home; reason why the increase in the registration was not as expected.

It reportedly took the Central Committee delegate and other officials to calm flaring tempers.
In an interview shortly after the meeting, Donga-Mantung Section I CPDM President, Paul Ngabir Bantar, expressed their satisfaction with the current registration figures that had risen from 70,000 voters as of their last meeting in March 2011 to over 90,000.

He said they had mapped out sensitisation strategies to cause prospective voters to register. He upheld President Biya for the free identity cards, saying that any Cameroonian caught without one and fined FCFA 30,000 should have only her/himself to blame.

Ngabir also praised the Bishops of Cameroon for encouraging Cameroonians to register.
"Registering in the electoral register is not voting for a particular party: during election, you can choose your party while in the electoral booth alone, or not even vote at all," Ngabir said.

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