Friday, May 24, 2019
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CPDM Officials Want ‘No Confidence Vote’ Slammed On Mayor Ekema 

By Bouddih Adams

An enlarged meeting of the executives of the Subsections of the three wings of the ruling CPDM party in Fako III, Buea, after deliberations, adopted resolutions that are by any other name, a call to order or vote of no confidence on Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge.

The meeting held on June 24 and resolutions that were addressed to CPDM Secretary General, Jean Kuete, warn, inter alia, that party discipline is not respected by the Mayor of the CPDM-run Council of Buea; that Ekema has formed an NGO which he adores more than the party that made him Mayor; that he does not respect party hierarchy; that he is using money whose source is not known to destabilise party activities; that he is creating congestion in town by building on any little available space; that he is giving the party an unenviable image and so on.

The resolutions signed by the Subsection executives of the three wings of the party (a copy of which The Post procured) that: (1) “The creation of an NGO ‘Fako Network Development Organisation’ sponsored by the Mayor, Patrick Ekema Esunge, to destabilise party activities; on May 20 militants in party uniform were chased away during feasting while members of the NGO wearing its T-shirts were given pride of place (2) CPDM comrades and party officials have been reduced to beggars, non-payment of some Council workers for 23 months (3) he has pushed many militants to shy away from party activities (4) the demolition of semi-permanent structures in Buea were punitive (5) the self-affirmation that he remains untouchable in his arrogance, rudeness and insults (6) humiliation of Councillors (7) sale of GRA and Clerks Quarters lands (8) plotting and selling little pieces of land close to the road, and so on.

The local party officials called for the disbanding of the “Fako Network Development Organisation.” They also call on the Central Committee, the Governor, the SDO and DO who “listen to and support him” to stop doing so.
“We call on them to denounce him publicly,” the local party bosses stated.

“The Governor should order the demolition of the structures he has raised at Clerks Quarters and other roadsides in the municipality,” states one of the resolutions.

It would be recalled that a couple of years ago, at an enlarged meeting of Southwest elite organised by the ruling CPDM party after the indiscriminate demolition of houses and other structures in the Buea Municipality, CPDM officials dissociated themselves from the exercise.

According to their resolutions, it was the action of “an individual”.

Meanwhile, CPDM party officials allege that Mayor Ekema tells anyone who wants to listen that he has connections at the Presidency of the Republic, the Central Committee of the party and the support of local administrators to do anything he wants to do and nothing will happen.

It is also sad he brags that he has bought and pocketed the media organs hence the press cannot publish anything negative about him.

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