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CPDM Reconciliation Confab Flops, Money-Doublers Accused Of Hijacking Party 

By Maxcel Fokwen

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Militants of the Cameroon Peoples’ Democratic Movement, CPDM, in Meme IB (Fiango) summoned for reconciliation on October 13, ended up trading insults at each other.

The meeting which held in a popular Hotel in Kumba II at the behest of the CPDM Meme Divisional Coordinator, Benjamin Mutanga Itoe, reportedly turned into a forum for insults among militants.

Steps taken to reconcile the warring camps of the Section collapsed at the last minutes.

Information from the in-camera gathering holds that militants who dreamt of taking over control of Kumba II in 2013 surfaced with campaign posters.

The Post further gathered that Barrister Philip Awutah Atuba, one of the frontline militants of the party during the legislative elections condemned the character of certain individuals.

Awutah is quoted as having told the militants that, but for some money doublers, whose faces appeared on the campaign posters, the CPDM would have won in Kumba II.

He is said to have opened the old campaign posters pointing to the space the faces of certain individuals occupied.

The man of law said certain individuals with controversial backgrounds known in the society contributed to the defeat of the party.

Participants at the meeting who spoke to The Post on conditions of anonymity, said as Awutah ended his presentation, the Section President, Jocab Mbatchou Kay, sprang to his feet from the high table and challenged Awutah’s diction.

The Section President is said to have taken exception to Awutah’s comments and considered it detrimental to the Section at a time when it was looking forward to gathering steam.

Other militants also faulted the man of law for defending certain individuals in court, who are accused of grabbing land from the population.
The militants told Benjamin Itoe that all those heading the party in Kumba II contributed to its failure.

Other militants pointed accusing fingers at the former Government Delegate to the Defunct Kumba Urban Council, Caven Nnoko Mbele, for contributing to the present challenges facing the party in Meme IB.

Nnoko Mbele, though hailed for peacefully reorganising the Section, was faulted for failing to reconcile the lists that emerged in 2013.

Gov’t Delegate Regrets Investment

Meanwhile, Kumba City Council Government Delegate, Victor Nkelle Ngoh, is said to have expressed regrets over huge investments made in the Section.
Ngoh reportedly frowned at the inability of those heading the party to deliver the goods, despite multiple appeal letters sent to his office.

The City Council boss reportedly urged the warring factions to unite and overthrow the SDF.

Ngoh is quoted as having told the militants that the SDF Grand Councillors were less collaborative with his development vision for Kumba.
Robert Ayuk, another militant is said to have retorted that Philip Awutah, Richard Njikam and other frontrunners of the party must share the blame.

Did The Imam Reject Reconciliation?

Reports hold that the Assistant Imam of the Fiango Central Mosque, Nasirou Ibrahim, who is enjoying the backing of many militants, failed to conclude on reconciling with the Mbatchou- led team.

Nasirou, who lost the Section Presidential race in 2015, was about endorsing the reconciliation meeting, when a cross section of militants in the hall shouted “don’t agree.”

Secret Meeting Held Ahead Of Reconciliation

Meantime, reports hold that a day before the reconciliation move, militants of the opposing camps held a secret meeting and mapped out strategies to frustrate the Benjamin Itoe-led reconciliation conclave.

Itoe is being criticised for neglecting other members of the bureau and working alone.

A militant of the party questioned why even the Charge de Mission has been side-lined on such serious matters.
A second meeting has been scheduled for October 18 to finalise the reconciliation process.

Despite the gloomy start in Meme IB, the former Minister recorded success in Meme IC (Mambanda), where the reconciliation meeting reportedly went on without hitches.

The greatest Section to reconcile, observers hold, is Meme IA, where the strings between Itoe and the Nfon are strained.

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