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CPDM Refutes Amnesty International Human Rights Abuse Report 

By Maxcel Fokwen

File: CPDM militants

File: CPDM militants

CPDM militants of Meme IB Section in Fiango, Kumba, have hit back at Amnesty International, AI, over a recent report it published faulting Cameroonian security and defence forces.

The militants disclaimed the AI report at a meeting on Thursday, September 8 at the Bangante Family Meeting Hall on Gentil Street.

They rebuffed the report which accuses the security forces of violating the rights of people as it pursued the fight against Boko Haram in the north of the country.
They described the report as being completely biased.

In a statement which the CPDM Section scribe, Andrew Tabi, read, the militants argued that Cameroonian security forces cannot be faulted for abusing human rights when its citizens are murdered daily.

Tabi said the report is plagued with falsehood.

In the same statement, the militants expressed regrets that AI cannot give out genuine information.
They urged the human rights watchdog to verify the definition of ”abuse of human rights”

The statement holds that Boko Haram has diabolic plans of destroying life and property, reason why Cameroonian security forces should not relent their efforts in pushing them out of the country.

Jacob Matchou Kay, who signed the statement on behalf of the Section, said the AI report is full of lies.

He said with such information, it was obligatory for him to sensitise the militants and sympathisers of the CPDM.

Kay said the militants of the party stand in unison with their party chairman and the Head of State as he battles to guarantee security in Cameroon.

At the end of deliberations, the militants issued a motion of support urging President Biya not to relent in the fight against the deadly sect.

The Youth Wing President, Macmillan Sako, urged the youths of Meme IB to educate their peers against acts that may threaten the peace of the nation.

Sako said youths must be cautioned to shun drug addiction and other acts that could push them towards extremist ideas. He called for vigilance and challenged the militants to report any suspected person they find in their neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, in a statement, AI’s Regional Director Alioune Tine disapproved Government for using the wrong means to fight Boko Haram.

“In seeking to protect its population from the brutality of Boko Haram, Cameroon is pursuing the right objective; but arbitrary arresting, torturing and subjecting people to enforced disappearances the authorities are using the wrong means,” Alioune Tine said.

AI reported that more than 1,000 people accused of supporting Boko Haram are currently detained in overcrowded prisons lacking food and water.

Besides, AI accused the security forces of arbitrary arrest, torture, malnutrition and prisoners dying of diseases.

The group said it had documented the cases of 29 people whom security forces tortured between November 2014 and October 2015.

Six of these, according to AI, subsequently died.

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