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CPDM Wins Majority Councils In Far North 

By Lindi Bi Nabain — The CPDM party swept nearly all the councils in the Far North Region, wining 37 of the 47 councils, with the MDR getting four and NUDP two. In Diamare Division, out of the nine councils, the CPDM won five, namely; Bogo, Ndoukoula, Pette, Meri and Gazawa, while in Maroua I, II and III, the CPDM scored a relative majority and will have to share with opposition parties.

Maroua I will be shared thus: CPDM 26, NADP three and NUDP six. For Maroua II; ADD has two councillors, MDR two CPDM 25 and NUDP six while in Maroua II; NADP has seven, ADD one, CPDM 26 and NUDP seven. The NUDP now controls Dargala. Before the September 30 elections, the CPDM had total control over Maroua I and II. The NADP has displaced the ADD from Maroua I.

Mayo- Sava Division where Senator El Hadj Abba Boukar is list leader in Mora, maintains its position as a CPDM bastion. Same obtains in Logone and Chari Division where CPDM grabbed all the councils. In Mayo Danay Division, of the 11 councils, the CPDM grabbed eight, having gained Maga, which used to be controlled by NUDP, while Datcheka and Kalfou remain in the hands of MDR. Yagoua will be shared between the CPDM, NUDP and MDR.

The CPDM list in Koza, Mayo Tsanaga Division, led by the Minister of Vocational and Professional Training, Zacharie Perevet, fell in the hands of the NUDP while the CPDM conserved the remaining six councils. The CPDM used to control all the councils. In Mayo-Kani, the MDR will now control two councils, that is, Dziguilao and Moulvoudaye, while the remiaing five councils will be managed by the CPDM.

Dr. Taiga couldn’t stand the stiff resistance put up by Dakole Daissala; both are natives of Taibong in the area. According to the Regional Delegate of ELECAM, Adji Massaou, the twin elections were hitch-free. He said participation rate was 80 percent and refuted all allegations of fraud. He said there was no proof that someone took the remaining ballot papers in exchange for money, saying it is out of fear that some of these allegations came up.

“They were scared that it was going to happen and were just warning those who intended using that means that they know already the strategy. As far as I know, there was no fraud,” Adji said reiterating, “it never happened and there was no means for them to do it because I don’t think an individual had that amount of money to buy a population of about 50,000 people, even if you give them 1000 each.”

Adji said the elections were that of proximity, where each actor had to defend his or her cause, hence, “there was bound to be a lot of sentiments but these sentiments did not go beyond the limit of the acceptable fact. There are a lot of mutual accusations here and there.

Hon. Sali Dairou was accused of having stuffed ballot boxes in the CPDM headquarters at Dougoi. It wasn’t true. Where would he have gotten the boxes and ballot papers when we received just the amount necessary for the elections? It was just to discredit one another as no one was caught or could prove the allegations.”

First published in The Post print edition no 01470

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