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CPP Will Return To Sangmelima For Congress – Kah Walla 

By Joe Dinga Pefok — The President of the National Council of the Cameroon’s People’s Party, CPP, Edith Kahbang Walla, has vowed to return the party to Sangmelima for its congress.
She said despite intrigues and intimidation that were recently applied by the local administration to block CPP from holding its national congress in the town, the party will not give up.

Sangmelima is the headquarters of Dja and Lobo Division (South Region), and is President Biya’s Division of origin. “We intend to go back to Sangmelima. We will not permit that any corner of Cameroon be treated as if it is exempt from the national territory. Cameroon is Cameroon. Every square inch of it belongs to all of us as Cameroonians.

There is supposed to be no place that one cannot go as a Cameroonian, as long as he or she is in good standing with the law,” Kah Walla declared when contacted by The Post recently. The CPP leader said the party duly deposited its declaration with the DO of Sangmelina, for the holding of its congress in the town.

“The current law demands that political parties should declare their events. However, the unfortunate thing is that local administrative authorities work in illegality. Once political parties make the declarations, the authorities are supposed to issue receipts. But the DOs will refuse to issue the receipts. In such a situation, a political party does not have proof that it has declared its event. This is exactly what happened in Sangmelima, as the DO did not give us a receipt for the declaration,” Kah Walla explained.

She said the DO of Sangmelima, Bernard Marie Mba, intimidated service providers that CPP had contacted such as proprietors or managers of the hall that had to host the CPP congress, the catering service as well as the hotels that were to lodge the congress participants.

“These people were all contacted by the DO and threatened. Imagine that these people were all forced to give us back the deposits we had made for the services. They said they were afraid,” said Kah Walla. She said they tried in vain to convince the service providers not to yield to the intimidation of the DO.

But she said the service providers argued that after the congress CPP officials would leave town, while they would remain in Sangmelima with the DO, and face the consequences.
“So we found ourselves in a position where we had no receipt for our declaration, and all our suppliers were receding. So we postponed the congress. But what happened to CPP in Sangmelima is really unfortunate. It is a sad statement on the state of democracy in Cameroon,” Kah Walla said.       

Meanwhile, asked how CPP is preparing for the Legislative and Municipal elections, Kah Walla first reasserted her party’s vision, which is to get a critical mass of Cameroonians into political action. “The only thing that can possibly overcome a flawed electoral system or that can possibly beat fraudulent elections, are the numbers. When you have a very high participation rate by the people, no amount of fraud can help a party to win the elections,” she said.

First published in The Post print edition no 01438

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