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Credit Union Picks Exco After Crisis 

This was during the 38th Annual General Meeting of the Union that held on Saturday, January 31 at the Bui Party Secretariat in Tobin, Kumbo. KIPCCUL in 2008 reportedly lost 11 of its members including its President and Secretary George Lukong and Ernest Yubin, respectively.

In the President’s absence, the Union ‘s Vice President, Edwin Binfon, took over but was soon suspended for delinquency in compliance with legislation binding micro-finance establishments. KIPCCUL had to survive with a five-man Board of Directors with Senior Police Inspector Anthony Kinkoh Bah as acting President pending the General Assembly.

The Union , it was revealed, had to grapple with a delinquency rate put at some 17 percent.
In a hotly contested election pitching Kinkoh Bah and Johnson Muyele Nyamnjoh the latter beat his challenger with 263 votes as against 256. Muyele, a businessman then emerged KIPCCUL’s President.

Although unanimously acclaimed as Vice President, Kinkoh declined and Shey Tobias Ndzelen Kiyung, Principal of GBHS Jakiri was voted as Vice President. Other members included Lionel Maishu Malung, Geography teacher GBHS Kumbo and Veronica Mbilam Bimela, Headmistress, GS Yungkui elected Chairperson of the Supervisory and Women’s Committees, respectively.

The lone vacant post in the Youth Committee was not filled as no candidate was found for it.
Meanwhile, controversy arose over a newly recruited loans officer. The woman, names withheld, was allegedly involved in fraudulent activities while serving in a sister credit union.
She was subsequently sacked but KIPCCUL decided to recruit her, a decision described as irregular and in contravention of CAMCCUL’s regulations.

The woman who had followed the heated deliberations concerning her controversial recruitment broke into tears and hurriedly boarded a taxi as it was evident she had lost her newly found job.

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