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CRTV’s George Ewane Likens President Biya To Jesus Christ 

By Andrew Nsoseka

In a galore of reports on the State media, showering praises on President Paul Biya for his 35 years’ reign as President of Cameroon, the report of George Ewane stood out.

The Unity Palace correspondent elevatedPresident to the level of Jesus Christ.
In his report on Luncheon Date on Monday, November 6, George Ewane, PhD, made astounding comparism between the 35-yearreignof Biya with that of theBiblical Jesus of Nazareth.

Going by the Journalist cum Varsity don, both Jesus and Biya have almost everything in common.

Here him: “The coming to power of Paul Biya in 1982, and the birth of the New Deal can only be compared to the birth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, both having ushered in a spirit of freedom, a spirit of liberty, a spirit of love… “both men had in their lives, had very lofty ideas that could turn universal ranks and make it a place of felicity,” he said.

While reporting that President Biya came in a low spirit and new beginning, the reporter said Biya ushered in a new order where there was “the destruction of the old and the construction of the new.

That was same for Jesus, that is the destruction of the old and construction of the new…rigour in management, moralisation of comportment, liberalisation, international exuberance, you name them…”

Ewane further stated that “like Jesus, Paul Biya needed disciples around him to help in the achievement of this new Jerusalem, this millennial future, this golden age or call it the everlasting spring.”

Inferring from the Biblical Jesus’ 33 years on earth, Ewane said Paul Biya in his 35 years in power also had disciples who will call him master in his presence and sell him behind the scenes.

“In his 35 years of reign, Paul Biya has known and seen many Judases…They have betrayed him, the very people he eats and dines with, pray for his last supper,” Ewane declared.

Enthusing that Biya has his own loyal disciples among the numerous Judases, the reporter questioned: “But how many are they?”

The report is now making rounds on the social media, with many, especially staunch Christians, wondering, how the reporter could equate Biya to Jesus, considering that Jesus incarnates God himself.

Ewane’s report to many, almost surpassed praises from CPDM flunkeys, who on some occasions, had chanted religious praise songs, in which God’s name is mentioned, the CPDM praise singerssubstitute it with that of Biya.

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