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CRTV’s Tina Kwo Dies 

By Walter Wilson Nana

Saturday, January 30, 2010, Tina Kwo, sportscaster at Cameroon Radio and Television, CRTV -Television, crossed the bar. Kwo died at the Bokoko family residence in Buea after four months of ill health.

The deceased’s father, Dr. Molindo, told this reporter that her daughter had been battling with malaria as her medical reports read. He said she had lost so much blood from her system.
Born 1970 in Bamenda to Dr. Molindo Kwo and Mrs. Dorothy Kwo, deceased, Tina started her primary education at Catholic School, Mile 4, Bamenda and will subsequently end in Yaoundé in 1984, where she passed the First School Leaving Certificate examination.

1984 – 1989, Tina did her secondary education at College Bilingue d’Application in Yaounde, where she had her Ordinary Level Certificate. 1989 to 1991, she moved to Bilingual Grammar School, Molyko, Buea, where she did high school and passed the Advanced Level certificate examination.

From 1991 to 1994, Tina settled at the University of Yaounde I, precisely at the Department of English, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Language. Interested in Journalism and Mass Communication, Tina enrolled at the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, Yaounde. She spent the years 1994 – 1997 in that Journalism institution. Upon graduation, she had a stint at the Ministry of Communication before moving to CRTV on secondment, where she has been working until death came visiting.

From the reading of Dr. Kwo, his daughter was a dynamic and hardworking lady. "She got her Advanced Level Certificate in Lower Sixth, a very articulate girl, I will say". George Fontamo of CRTV Radio Sports Desk said; "She was energetic, ready to learn; she created a George Michael image on TV; she knew what she was doing, making strides. She wasn’t the best at the beginning but made great improvements in the course of her career in journalism."

Very close collaborator, Fon I-born Echekiye saw in Tina a Reporter who went the extra mile and filled the gap. "She wanted to be better tomorrow, improving on what she was doing."
Out of professional life, Echekiye noted; "Tina loved plenty of singing and spending time on the computer. If she is not singing with the Tribute Sisters and subsequently the Clarinets, Tina will find time to share with others."

A single woman at the time of her death and without a child, Tina’s father revealed that her child contracted a traditional marriage that failed. She is survived by two brothers, who are US-based and a sister, who is a medical doctor in Canada. A tentative funeral programme is due to begin on Friday, February 12.

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