• By Andrew Nsoseka (UB Journalism student)

    The Board of Trustees of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, CUIB, has adopted visionary goals proposed by the Pro-Chancellor and Board Executive, Rev. Fr. George J. Nkeze, with the priority being the implementation of entrepreneurship.

    In a press briefing after the Board meeting, Rev. Nkeze announced that, henceforth, the university will work with the triple helix concept of being linked to the society, the Government and the industry. With this circular, the students will be able to have a hands-on approach and deal with practical things by impacting on the society through the services they will render.

    As new approach points, studies will also be aimed at students getting particular skills needed for the interest they pursue, learning how to appreciate and be part of the solution and how to fail so as to be better entrepreneurs in the future.

    In this light, bi-laws and a calendar will be put in place to ensure the better implementation of the strategic goals and decisions adopted in the 7th session of the Board of Trustees.

    In relation to students’ needs, the Board approved the fostering of inter-religious culture to make life in the institute fun and make students who are non-Catholics have a sense of belonging. With this, the Board members agreed, studies will be made more inspirational. In order to achieve all these, the Board agreed to make the students’ Government stronger and to treat students as VIPs so as to be well treated and respected by the students’ Government.

    Mgr. Emanuel Bushu applauded the success and progress recorded by the university from the fight against cyber criminality, academic and entrepreneurial fair, gender equality and many others.

    The Board decided to work in committees and also discuss the possibility of creating a health unit for the staff and students to assist wherever the need arises. According to Fr. Nkeze, the most important decision was that of implementing full entrepreneurial education that makes CUIB stand out of the crowd as the only Catholic university offering full entrepreneurial study opportunity worldwide.