By Basil Afoni


Cinyodev Academy of Buea

Southwest Regional League Two side exited the Cup of Cameroon eighth-finals after losing 2-4 on penalties to Bamboutos following a parity score line of 1-1 after 90 minutes at the Mbouda Stadium.

The first leg, which earlier took place in Buea, ended on the same score.

With Bamboutos looking forward to breaking the jinx of never reaching the quarterfinals of Cup of Cameroon since their creation in the 1950s, it was the amateur League Two side, Cinyodev that took the lead.

Cinyodev’s striker Frankline Takang capitalized on a free kick from Akangmba to beat Bamboutos goalkeeper, Mbem, to open scores (0-1, 5th). It was the same Takang who scored at the Cup of Cameroon final to give Kumbo Strikers their first Cup of Cameroon.

Being led by a goal at home, Bamboutos multiplied their efforts but failed to break down the defence line of Cinyodev aka Checky Boys. With great performance from goalkeeper Akawong, his team’s lead was maintained.

After eight minutes into the game, the host side was given a penalty which they failed to convert as Lane directed his shot wide.

Akawong heroic saves helped Cinyodev to go into recess with a 1-0 lead.

When play resumed in the second half, it was Bamboutos that was more enterprising, except that Akawong remained undeterred.

At the 60th minute into the game, Mbele Nghéah of Bamboutos finally found the magic to break down the defence line of Cinyodev to get the equalizer for the League 1 side.

In order to boost his attack line, Coach Junior Bess of Cinyodev brought in Clovis Ngalame in place of Ndumbe at the 75th minute. This however did not produce results as the Checky Boys could not get the winning goal.

After 90 minutes of play, the score-line was the same like it was in the first leg in Buea (1-1). Without a prolongation, both teams immediately went for the penalty shoot-outs after consultations by the three match officials.

Bamboutos was able to convert four of their five penalties, while Cinyodev scored just two as Eliminata and Takang saw their penalties failing to find the back of the net.


Complete results of the eighth finals

Melong : Stade Renard – Lion blessé of Fotouni 0 – 0 (2 -2 first leg)
Douala : Botafogo – Aigle Royal of Menoua 2 – 1 (0 – 1)¶
Douala : Astres – Dynamic of Buea 3 – 1 ( 0 – 0)
Yaoundé : Tonnerre – Panthère of Ndé 1 – 3 (1 – 1)
Yaoundé : Apejes de Mfou – Feutcheu FC de Bandjoun 1 – 2 ( 1-1)
Njombe : Ums of Loum – Coton sport of Garoua 0 – 0 (1 – 1)
Ebolowa : Reste du Monde – Afamba Libii of Sangmelima 1 – 0 (1 – 3)
Mbouda : Bamboutos – Cinyodev of Buea 4 – 2 after post match penalties (1 – 1, first leg)


Teams that have qualified for the quarterfinals

Panthère of Ndé, Astres of Douala, Bamboutos of Mbouda, Afamba Libii of Sangmelima, Ums of Loum, Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun and Botafogo of Douala.