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CUSS 36th Batch Graduates Christened “Anomah Ngu Batch” 

By Christian Ngah*

The 36th graduating batch of the Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University of Yaounde I, CUSS, has been christened the "Anomah Ngu Batch" in honour of the late cancer and AIDS researcher.

The institution, Wednesday, August 3, graduated 96 new medical doctors in a ceremony that saw in attendance the Ministers of Higher Education and Health, medical dons and members of the diplomatic corps among other top ranking personalities.

The 20th batch of specialist doctors and the third batch of Master’s students in Biomedical Sciences were passed out at the graduation ceremony. Speaking during the Hippocratic Oath swearing-in ceremony, speaker after speaker reminded the graduates that theirs was a call to serve and not to be served.

Higher Education Minister, Professor Jacques Fame Ndongo, exhorted the fresh doctors to practise their trade as professionals, adding that they must do all it takes to demonstrate honesty and patriotism. He stressed that serving their fatherland patriotically does not mean paying attention only to the health concerns of their relations and friends, but also being prepared to serve wherever they would be posted to.

His admonition was re-echoed by Public Health Minister, André Mama Fouda, who urged the graduating doctors to shun the bad attitude of wanting always to serve in big cities, adding that as patriots, they must be ready to serve in all the nooks and crannies of the nation.

The doctors, Mama Fouda insisted, must strive to effectively apply the medical techniques they have learnt, avoid nepotism, laxity and be rigorous in applying the ethics of the profession for the benefit of patients.

In separate interviews with The Post, most of the graduating doctors promised to make the health of patients their priority and to give them only conventional prescribed drugs. Highlights of the ceremony included the award of prizes and the handing over of the flag of the "Anomah Ngu Batch" to the best graduating student.

Professor Gottlieb Lobe Monekosso was later symbolically conferred the Degree of Doctor of Medicine Honoris Causa. The Degree was awarded by the Walter Sisulu University of South Africa in recognition of his scholarly works that have earned him the title of the "Father of Medicine in Africa".

*(ASMAC Student Journalist On Internship)

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