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Deadline Expires For Cameroon To Avoid Another Bloodbath 

By Maxcel Fokwen

Apostle Suleman: Cameroonians must pray against a Black Sunday

Apostle Suleman: Cameroonians must pray against a Black Sunday

The deadline for Cameroon to avoid a supposed ‘black Sunday’ according to a prophecy of popular Nigerian pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman expires this Saturday October 29.

Days after the Eseka train derailment, the man of God in a live broadcast on Sunday October 23 gave yet another terrifying prophecy concerning the nation.

While condoling with Cameroon over the sad incident, Suleman said he could not stay quiet since God has showed him a black Sunday in Cameroon.

In his declarations, the pastor urged his peers back home to gather for four days continuous prayers and fasting to avert the impending doom.

The professor of Human Development cum pastor said such prayers were to be done for four consecutive days, beginning from either Monday or any other day within the week.

While urging his congregation to pray, the servant of God said most of those who criticise prophecies always end up becoming victims of it.

“Few Sundays ago, I told us to pray for Cameroon and you heard what happened. Please I want to tell people in Cameroon; you have to still pray for Cameroon.

They just had something that happened in that country. I am sorry I have to say this because I saw a black Sunday in Cameroon and I am asking God what is the meaning of black Sunday.

I saw a black Sunday, a particular Sunday.

The pastors in Cameroon can gather their people for a four days fast. If it is a Monday, they should not break, it should be continuous. When you give a prophecy and people say prophet of doom, it is your problem. Prophecies are prayer points.

All those who speak against prophets still end up becoming victims of the prophecy”. Suleman declared.

During live Sunday Service of August 14, Suleman threw Cameroonians into confusion when he predicted an incident in the country that will see the death of many. His declarations sparked criticisms from across the globe.

Back then, he said “we have to pray for Cameroon so that the country would not cry. I see something explode. People staying around there plenty…. public place…something explodes! plenty people die.

Cameroon explode! We are going to pray. The same thing I see in the nation of Syria. Syria multiple explosion.

How can something happen here and there on the same day. An explosion. Syria, Cameroon open your mouth and pray for those countries.

Pray let God arise… the nation of Cameroon; all the quarters, all the municipalities and cities let God arise and let those people be exposed”. Suleman declared.

Unlike at the start of the year when he announced that, Cameroon’s armed forces were going to deal severely with Boko Haram, these two last predictions have been a subject of controversy.

In Nigeria, the man of God equally came under public scrutiny when he prophesied, a fuel scarcity that hit the African nation early this year. He also predicted the current fall in the value of the naira.

Two months back, critics swooped on Suleman when he equally predicted the postponement of gubernatorial elections in Edo State of Nigeria where his Church is based. Yet the prediction came to pass.

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