Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Dear Mbella, 

CameroonPostline.com — Since you have remained in your ideological shell, I won’t care a damn answering any of your questions. By the way, your tone and tenor bespeak a very cynical mind that sees a stain even in the most immaculate white dress.

Why would you want to discuss presidential health, knowing fully well that it is a non-insurable risk? If you doubt it, go to Babatoua and ask Njawe in his grave to tell you his ordeal. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Anybody who wants to continue to be a militant in the SCNC will be sent to the hell of a deep dark dudgeon.

Trying to speculate on when Cameroon’s almighty will come for the reunification Mbagalum is committing “blasphemy” because that information is known only by one person. The gainako should thank his stars because the guillotine narrowly missed his neck. He had to call even his enemies to beg the big man not to disgrace him. There was conservative drum-beating in the bureau “selections” and everybody danced to the right. No one danced to the left, ideologically speaking.

What is new is that a mental case was brought to the financial power house to walk into the Kadiye’s shoes. It can only happen in this bizarre triangle that such a simpleton can triumph. Here, meritocracy and excellence are a vice, while mediocrity is treated as a virtue. There was some kind of comic relief in the tense atmosphere when the Iago spoke the queen’s language in his local dialect.

Detractors are already beating tambourines on claims that Njikijen will go on account of his poor electoral show. Mbella, what election had he won when the English Bobe Kwifoin called him from abroad to join the Ngumba House? He went about his job selflessly when the call came. There is also effervescence in that equatorial village to the effect that the financial monster who took away varsity “bourse” with a huge chunk of sadism is about to be.

Well, let him nurse hopes to be, especially because circumstances seem to be swaying in his favour. But, take nothing for granted. Grand Camarade is a very moody person. All depends in the mood he will be when taking the decision. Just that you gossip like a woman, otherwise, I would have told you who did it with a mad woman in the Nkomo neighbourhood the other day.

Before the jeering crowd came, he had pulled out his weapon of mass destruction and given the insane woman a thorough carnal thrashing. The damsel roared in an orgasm-infested euphoria, but the man instead accelerated the “aller retour” onslaught until he heaved a sigh of relief and finally slumped like a battered lion. When queried, he shocked us Mbella, by saying food is food. Never mind what happens under the cover of darkness.

Mbella, I don’t usually care when you people populate your chamber of words with clichés that really mean nothing. So, who is playing to the gallery about showcasing democratic examples? Who attempted to impose mayors on the people? They are right in what they are doing because power now is to the pocket and no longer to the people.

That is why I am usually happy when I live in the past. I remember the old good days of decent “soap boxing” wherein Machiavellian politics was not yet the norm. I will only open up to discuss with you next week when I would have written my motion of support to Etoudi. This is a very delicate period for, we don’t know who will perish politically when the almighty decrees another cabinet plane crash. We must be careful in our exchanges so that the CENER oafs should not track us down.
Mbella, I greet you.

Yours sincerely, Ngwa

First published in The Post print edition no 01477