Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Dear Mbella, 

Dear Mbella,
I enjoyed the fury of your artillery pen-fire directed at the pig that was lying in the mud. The intellectual eunuch once more mounted the rostrum to unleash the venom of his vendetta.
But whose fault is it that the pig squeak and professional Lilliput was brought to share his ignorance with the public? We can fully understand “the wasteland” of T.S. Eliot’s imagination. When we see what we consider as gold getting rust, I wonder, Mola, why the pen-pushers are going to equity with soiled and smelly hands.
Mola, I take exception to the fact that you gamble away very important issues in outright malapropism or sheer semantic misdemeanour. So what do you call “passion crime”?
Is this what happens when an animal in human skin takes away the life of his partner? Love does not kill no matter the circumstances. If you even probe and extend the semantic circumference of the word love, you will not be able to justify what that romantic coward of a khaki boy did in Ongola last week. He blasted his miserable soul to hell after doing a wicked harvest of Barbara’s life. 
We should keep praying, Mbella, that many people who are wallowing in harsh economic realities of the country should not take refuge in the “Bafut” thing. Such cowardly scenarios where somebody plucks his or her own life are very common in Scandinavian countries. 
But what is the Bretton-Woods saying, Mbella? That we eat more than we produce? It is just another way to say that the triangle has gone bankrupt.
Nowadays it is fashionable to be heavily indebted so that HIPC-I can cancel one’s debt. We will not hesitate to send motions of support to Son Excellence if he succeeds once more to steer the ship, or should we say, we, the sheep of state, to the shores of a heavily indebted poor country.
I didn’t know what your opinion was, but I do not care a damn about the gun-toting terrorist that is passing around for an elected official. By the way, he will explain to the Central Committee why he pulled out a gun to terrorise unarmed civilians. 
The ballot box is a double-edged sword. It can bring joy as well as grief. It can bring excellence as well as mediocrity. Before the twin selection, Charles, that soft-spoken gentleman of fine and equal parts attracted the people the way a magnet would do to iron filings. As the first citizen of the town, his appearance was charm. He looked trimmed and boyishly handsome. He carried a head, centuries wiser than his status and contemporaries.
Mola, I am wondering what such a guy went to do at the Ongola old people’s asylum. Now you have to make do with an arrogant voluminous freak, a peevish brat, if you will. He is chubby with an elephant frame that pushes cowards to squirm to the shadows for safety. Plus the gun drawing propensity.
None of them is a saint or infallible. But, the difference between the old and the new regime is like day and night.
Mola, I have always told you that there is time for everything… time to cry and time to laugh. There is every indication that nemesis will soon catch up with the Boko Haram hoodlums. Barack, Hollande, Cameron and many others have drawn daggers for the eventual onslaught. The cruel creatures did their worst by taking these school girls for brainwashing in their hideout. Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Emmanuel! God is with us.
I hate to talk about the quacks who pretend to be anti-establishment. They join the shot-callers of the establishment on the Essingan dinning table in the dark. But, as soon as the rays of light appear, they pretend to be at variance with them. Any game on earth has its own rules and regulations. Just imagine Mbella, that the game of football did not have any rules… that it did not have any arbiter. It will be anarchy, wherein people would get into the field with guns, cutlasses, spears and all the dangerous weapons that you can imagine. Would that still be football, Mbella?
Let us be honest and humble to state that freedom must come with responsibility. If the “ngong dogs” don’t want regulation, they should create their own world and live in it.
My regards to Enangs,
Yours Sincerely