Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Dear Mbella, 

You took a reasonable kink in your submission. You came down hard on the statusquo. At one time, you bamboozled me with an overdose of sophistry and logic that only a Voltaire or John Lock could grasp without wrestling with semantics

You see, Mbella, the world is round and nobody knows what the future holds for us. Did you ever imagine that the chief priest of Uncle Sam would one day dine and wine with the political Methuselahs of the black continent? I have always told you that hypocrisy, fox-like cunning, double-talk and double-speak are salient diplomatic virtues. It is a wasteland of double standards where “Yes” means “No” and vice versa.

Was there any need declaring Bob Harare and Omar Khartoum persona non grata, just to dine with some of the sit-tight Czars? It depends, from which prism you see it, Mola, but is it normal that you dump benevolent despots for cruel dictators, “elected draculas” who live on the people’s blood? You see, the masses are in a mess because it is the Machiavellian political maxim of permanent interest that reigns.

The cabal of self-seekers was not there to sing a love song for the new deal and say that the triangle is a good risk for investments. But whether you like it or not, a risk is a risk. The clumsy use of that oxymoron is a turn-off and a kill-joy that will gore any stimulation for investments. Such an issue is not for the sycophantic song birds. The issue is with creating an enabling environment to attract investors.

Mola, who is who in this place? Who has the moral authority to gainsay who? These questions are necessary for reflections; we need to fully understand who our leaders are .The story is that Eyebe stole knowledge from a student. The intellectual thievery saga is the subject of screaming headlines in frog sheets whose knack for rumour and scandal has been fine-tuned and elevated to the level of an art. The mad rush for the scoop and exhibition of “la belle plume” is what has made the pen-pushers’ landscape a theatre of the absurd. Let’s assume that the story is true, but are the okrika pen pushers balanced and fair? Take it or leave it, verification of facts is what our pseudo-media do not have. What is usually an ephemeral virtue that begets the ephemeral fame is the rush for the scoop. It is a triumphant act to go to press with a patch work of jumbled facts that are adulterated with falsehood just to be the first to break the scoop. So called facts that can’t stand the test of verification. Prioritizing speed and not accuracy, so to speak. Another way to say that something is factually irregular in our society is to say that you got it from the press.

This is the main reason why Thomas Jefferson quickly took a u-turn after pouring encomiums on press. I hope you remember that in a letter to Col. Carrington, he said he will prefer the press to the government. But 20 years after, Jefferson came down hard on journalists; describing them as people who dish out half truths and outright lies to the public. Richard Nixon also joined the anti-press campaign by deriding journalists as a tiny fraternity of privileged men elected by no one. But shame on Nixon! Why? It was this tiny fraternity of privileged men that caused him to quit the stage by way of canoeing, without even a paddle, on the murky waters of the Watergate scandal. That was then Mbella; nobody dares hurl insults on the fourth power. The press in Uncle Sam is the mover and shaker of agenda. 

I am now really confused as to who wanted to cut down the Kolofata kadiye at the peak of his political orgasm. Haram Boko is denying having staged that deadly macabre. Is it just playing Pontius Pilate? If Boko’s denial is true, then, who did it? Who wanted his head?

When King Saul likened Boko to ghost town, I could easily understand. I was in Bafren when the Octogenarian was buried many times in effigy in a bid to quicken his demise. But, God is God. If God was somebody else, the worms would have feasted on Saul’s remains since 1990 when the witchdoctors declared him clinically dead in their spiritual guillotines. But Yahweh simply told the up country Inkatha leader that he is the giver and taker of life and no one else. It was all windy boastfulness at the Ongola airport about how the ghost town ghost was decently exorcised. Yet; Boko continues to lurk like an evil spirit, seeking the ruin of poor souls. It is hard to believe that it has been total silence ever since those 10 Chinese men were kidnapped. Is any one working in the dark room agenda, negotiating to grab commission for the ransom?  Mola, it is preposterous that this is happening in our island of peace. Is it now just an island for the mere absence of war?

My regards to Enangs,

Yours sincerely