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Dear Ngwa, — We have just finished celebrating the birthday of the Lion Man, which you guys pushed forward from February 13 to 20. There was pomp and pageantry and his supporters sang and danced to his health and eternity. By the way, where were you, Ngwa? I scanned the entire crowd and area of the Independence Square but did not catch any sign of you. Had your man given you some underground assignment such that you could not come out in the open? Was the mission a security one?

I ask this because some of the very people who scream freedom from the shackles of the “Lion Man” by day are the same ones that tip toe to banquets offered by him at night fall. True, they are quietly Iscariots, by any other name. Hope you are not one such, or I’ll have to skin you alive.
Talking about security, Ngwa, I hear your man is so afraid of his life, at 81, that he can no longer expose himself the way he used to stand in the open top limousine and wave at the crowds of conscripted admirers.

That is what some people are alleging, but others hold that the reason why he does not do that again, is because time has taken its fair toll on him. They say he can no longer bear the stress and, of course, strain of standing while the limo is moving. That is why this time only his well manicured fingernails are exposed to acknowledge the reluctant crowd. Thank you for replying my last mail, even though the vintage you pushed the blame unto me, for always failing the rendezvous.

You have conveniently forgotten that whenever you travel with your man on any of his official/private trips or State and personal missions, you are always busy, either drinking or making merry and squandering taxpayers’ money that you forget to write or reply my mails. By the way, if I were not a serious person, I won’t be writing this letter. Oh don’t you think that I should be having my own share of the national cake by going up to the residence of His Excellency for the “awuf” Chivas in Presidential company?

After all, is it not pride and privilege when lesser mortals like us spend nights in the same town as the country’s rare tin god, even though it is argued that it is not legally one country, or that the Reunification being celebrated is “null and void”, as Mola put it the other day? I say eh, Ngwa, so in your own political education, you people have not learnt that the more you avoid or skirt around issues, the more you convince many other people that such issues are genuine.

Did Obama not publish his birth certificate when his detractors were claiming that he hadn’t it, or that if he had it, it was not issued in the US? Did you watch the number of youths who hailed Mola as he said, live on TV, that no document exists, showing that Southern Cameroons and La Republique du Cameroun ever unified, or, is it, reunified?

The youths are being convinced more and more that Reunification is a myth, especially when Emeritus Professors of History tell them that no person of Southern Cameroons origin has ever been the Minister of Finance, Armed Forces, Education, Foreign Affairs, and so on. Is that not a fact that there has been no equity in this whole arrangement of Reunification? Is national life not truly to the advantage of the much parroted brothers of ours on the other side of the great river?

Why not go to the United Nations Secretariat on one of those your trips and find out the map and the flag that are registered there? Mola claims that it is the map that La Republique du Cameroun had at independence; without the territory of the Southern Cameroons. I hope you will clarify me in your next mail. Well, since you have been keeping away from me while in Buea, I can only hope to read from you. Safe journey and say ‘hello’ to Manka’a and the children


First published in The Post print edition no 01506

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