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Death Strikes Another CPDM Bigwig, Mayor 

By Joe Dinga Pefok

Barely six months after the demise of CPDM bigwig and Mayor of Douala V Council, Francoise Foning, death has snatched another Douala-based CPDM bigwig and Mayor, André Sohaing.

Foning died on January 23, 2015, while Sohaing died on July 23, 2015.
Though based in Douala, Sohaing was the Mayor of the CPDM-run Bayangam Council in Koung-Khi Division of the West Region from 1996 until his demise on July 23.

It is becoming a tradition for Bamileke business magnates to be Mayors in their native towns; Victor Fotso is the Mayor of Bandjoun in Koung-Khi Division, while Joseph Kadji Defosso is the Mayor of Bana in the Upper Nkam Division.

André Sohaing, as a businessman was involved in a number of domains, including real estate. He was most known to the population of Cameroon’s economic capital, Douala, for being the Proprietor of the famous Akwa Palace Hotel.

The Post learnt that Sohaing travelled to his native Bayangam to prepare for a Council session that was slated for Friday, July 24. He had also planned to attend the burial ceremony of another Bayangam elite over the weekend, after the Council session.

Family sources hold that Sohaing went to bed in the night of July 22 without complaining of any health problem. But that he developed a malaise at about 3:00 am on July 23, and died an hour later. His corpse was reportedly taken to Douala that same morning, and quietly put in a mortuary.

Sohaing, who was reportedly born in 1933, had lived most of his life in Douala. He is said to have often proudly stated that he and President Biya were born in the same year.

Sohaing is also said to have, at a ceremony that was organised in Bayangam to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of President Paul Biya’s accession to power, prayed God to grant Biya 100 more years.

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